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Posted 2018-08-20T15:23:42Z

Faith's Latest Update!

Dear Friends:

First, thank you for the energy and good wishes that you have been sending out to me.

I wanted to bring you up to date on what has been happening.

First, my surgeon said that the results of the surgery are very good: she got the cells she wanted, and the “margins are clean.”

Today (Mon the 20th) I will meet the endocrine oncologist. (Endocrine therapy— pill a day for five years — is the third prong of my treatment).

Next week I will meet the radiation oncologist, and also set up my radiation schedule. I am imagining, then, that the daily radiation treatments will span September and the first half of October.

My calls and email conversations with you have been lovely. I’m in good spirits after lovely out-of-town visits from Grace, Belinda, Michelle, Uncle Lewis and Sonia, and from being fed and feted by them and by Gillian, Barbara and Val, Robin, Sigrun, Dawn, Marjorie, Mari and Elora. Rhonda rocks, and is a Rock.

With thanks to you all.

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