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F*CK Cancer

Follow the epic battle of Darrell’s fight with Brain Cancer. I hope to share my journey, with my Best wit and sarcasm. I want no special favors on family games as I stil[...] read more

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MRI Update - Good News!!

Shawn and I got good news from today’s MRI. No growth, no metastases, and continued healing from radiation treatment. We really couldn’t ask for much more

Healing Plan Update: keep doing what we’re doing! We are committing to two more rounds of monthly chemo as there is growing evidence that Temodar with Optune provides significantly better outcomes. The overall numbers are still daunting, but it is great to know we’re using the regimen with the best demonstrated outcomes (they are tracking patients at 5 yrs +)

We are also looking into compassionate use of a new vaccine, Survivmax. My records are en route to be evaluated to see if I qualify. This could get me access to the vaccine months earlier than waiting for the next clinical trial. We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your continued love and support.💕


If you’d like the details re: Optune, please see below: 


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