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Patience Grasshopper

This week’s trip to MD Anderson has been another incredible and impactful part of my cancer story...If you recall, we came to Texas to get a second opinion and solicit further input and clarity on my plan B options. 

The MD Anderson team reviewed my medical history and files to-date and confirmed what my Alvord Brain Center team this point, since the MRI scans suggest that there is no evidence of tumor progression or recurrence, proceeding with the Temodar (chemo) standard of care is the best immediate next course of action. The upcoming treatment cycle will be 5 days of double dose chemo every 28 days for the next 8-12 months. I will have a higher contrast spec scan MRI run at the 6-month post chemo/rad treatment timing which may provide some additional insights into progression (non-definitive test).

Patience may indeed be a virtue....Working with my “brain trust”, we’ve concluded that once you have a treatment that is working, as the Temodar chemotherapy is for me, you stay with that treatment until it is no longer working. Jumping ahead to more progressive treatment options isn’t necessarily better, and may in fact, only accelerate the next phase of treatment and potentially have consequential repercussions. 

Coincidentally this week, our travels took us to the home town of my college roommate, Khanh Duong, and his family. I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality and the generous amount of time they spent helping Shawn and I navigate the MD Anderson medical complex and finding the best dining options..our first Peking Duck experience was amazing!

So...we continue with the plan, remain vigilant to promising scientific developments, and make the most of every you’ll see with the opportunistic adventure to the Houston Zoo!




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