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F*CK Cancer

Follow the epic battle of Darrell’s fight with Brain Cancer. I hope to share my journey, with my Best wit and sarcasm. I want no special favors on family games as I stil[...] read more

Latest journal entry

18-Month survival milestone!!! Cheers to life!.

It’s been a big milestone week. On the living and thriving front, I achieved my 18 months of survival milestone. There were times when this achievement seemed like a distant pipe dream. Happily I will now reset my survival and life goals !more to follow soon on this front.

Wellness Plan Update

* Diet - recommitting to the low carb, Mediterranean / Paleo diet. It helps that my birthday is past and my apple cake fully consumed ;) Now the hard part is avoiding chocolate gelato ...the Nutty Squirrel gelato is sooo good. When I do indulge I try to walk to the store for my treat. At least I get a ouple of miles in and a hill climb. I’m  avoiding the math and trusting it’s at least break even:)


*Chemotherapy (CCNU) - Just took dose #2. Next dose in 6 weeks. I debated strongly not taking the chemo, but my body is managing the  barrage of treatments really I figured, let’s see if we can overwhelm the cancer into remission. Fingers crossed 

*AVASTIN -just took dose 4 of 5 last week. My f5th dose is later this week!! 

*next MRI - JULY 24.  This will give us an update on the collective impact of the treatments and the status of the cancer.  I have to admit, I’m anxious, scared, and nervous about what the scan will show.

The only way out through....I’ll  be mindful of the scan but not let it rtake all of my focus until then.


*SurvaxM - next dose: September 20

Upcoming fun Visits from:

*Nephews- Matthew & Dillan 

*My college Roommate,Khanh, and his wife Thuy

*Still working on timing for my Dad’s visit and my Brother David.

-our friend Cyndi joins us for  Bumbershoot and Death Cab for Cutie Concert. Local friends will be joining us for one or both events!

* Asbury Park Festival (Sea / Hear / Now - can’t wait for the show and the chance to see NJ friends and live Music at the Shore - Thanks to Eric Schiller  for the event passes!!!

We’re doing our best to keep busy and fully engaged.

FC and enjoy the day... with love and gratitude, Darrell

Musical interlude ...“Eat Your Heart OUT by Walk The Moon

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