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F*CK Cancer

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9-Month Anniversary

Yesterday marked 9 months since my tumor resection surgery. That’s 9 months of living with cancer and I can’t even describe how much has changed since then...what I can tell you is that your support and love have helped Shawn and I navigate these new waters and maintain a positive, take the most of every moment approach to life. 

Pictured above is a “harmonic bath” - not something I would have done not that long ago, but it fits right in with the spiritual dimension I’ve been adding to my integrated cancer treatment.  (Shawn even played the “dongs” to help me heal. 

May 4 - in addition to being international Star Wars Day, this is the day we’ll celebrate Kaitlyn & Logan’s wedding!

Ketotarian” - the most balanced diet I’ve come across that also seems effective with cancer prevention and treatment. I am still early on in my reading, but I’ll be sure to pass along key findings. 

Be on the lookout for Shawn and I traveling about. We plan to head to Maryland later this month to see family and friends.. We are really looking forward to the pending arrival of our newest niece (Emmalynn) and nephew, Archer! We plan to go to California to assist Sasha and Heath prep for Archer in early November. For Thanksgiving, we plan to travel to NC to spend the holiday with my Dad and East Coast family. Hopefully we can see Kellie and kids as well. For Christmas, we plan to head to Colorado to spend time with Shawn’s parents in the Rocky Mountains! Looking forward to snow!

Hope everyone and their families are well. Keep the texts, notes, thoughts and prayers coming. It all helps!!!


FC and enjoy the day.



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