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Posted 2019-11-07T04:33:49Z

Keeping active and enjoying the local community of the Pacific Northwest

This past weekend, we attended our first UW Football game. Go Dawgs!!

The Huskies ultimately lost, but it was a beautiful day, and a great new experience for Shawn and I to make and enjoy together. We did get Husky gear;  Something to wear to support the local team (when Duke  is not playing of course;). Special thanks Dellann Elliott Mydland and the End Brain Cancer Initiative  for the tickets and their continued efforts to support and advocate for the brain cancer community. We had a fabulous outing and are very grateful for the experience ! ... But we remain True DukeBlue[...]

Posted 2019-11-01T00:40:55Z

drum roll I got out of physical therapy and in-patient PT rehab!!!!

Amy Winehouse would be disappointed but you  guessed it, I said, “no, no, no!!!!! To staying  longer as I passed all required assessments and I really want to be home fast forward a little time and paperwork and shazam we’re home. The UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON iN-PATIENT REHAB center  was just what I needed. I WAS LOvingly greeted home by Buddy and Zuma. ‘Animals are great sources of love and comfort.   Happy Halloween!!! With much love and appreciation, [...]

Posted 2019-10-21T17:01:31Z

Weekend Update - 10/20/19

Hi, all. Shawn here. I just wanted to take a moment and update you on some happenings over the weekend.

Thursday of last week, Darrell started feeling pretty crummy. Generally not feeling well, but also he started struggling with his left arm and leg. They just didn’t want to cooperate fully and started to feel a little weak. He had an Avastin infusion on Wed pm, so we were alerted to paying attention to oddities like this. Early Friday am, the weakness had continued to progress, and was of significant concern to us both, so we opted to head for the ER at UW Medical Center. Several hours later, we had a clean CT Scan (so no Brain bleeds nor strokes), negative tests for infections and flu, and an MRI that was stable to the last 2. Our Neurology team decided to administer steroids (back on Dex - lovely!) and admit him to the hospital for observation and evaluation.[...]

Posted 2019-09-26T02:23:23Z

New MRI Update

Medical Update: Today’s MRI came back as Clinically stable to the MRI in July - no new growth - There are also views that show that the treatments are having a positive effect, so we intend to continue the treatments that we are currently doing: CCNU (every six weeks), SurVaxM (every 12 weeks), and Avastin (every 3 weeks). So far so good, and on we march!![...]