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Val Williams Val Williams

Hi Darrell, so wonderful to hear this good news and how your fight is paying off. You are a true inspiration to everyone !

Craig Beasley Craig Beasley

Fantastic news. Great job fighting. You continue to inspire me.

Heather Burnell Heather Burnell

Darrell - I have been thinking about you and the posts from the wedding make me so happy! And you joined the 50 club😊 you are such a good person - I appreciate and support your fight to beat this! Best, Heather B

Kristin King Gilbert Kristin King Gilbert

We were watching TV the other night and for some reason Kahn's name came up so we googled him and then of course I thought of you and so we googled you and then learned what you are going through. Had been thinking about you anyway because my youngest daughter has suddenly discovered Simon and Garfunkel which makes me giggle a little when she plays it. Anyway, just wanted you to know you are being thought of even though it's been a gazillion years and that my family and I are sending good and healing thoughts your way. Your posts are so positive and helpful I have actually sent the link to a dear friend whose husband has just received a similar diagnosis. To this day you are still the single most energetic person I have ever met and I am sure that Brian is exhausted. All best wishes to you and your family.

Yelitza Placeres Yelitza Placeres

Congrats to the happy couple and the nice time with all family and friends! Bride was gorgeous, the father of the bride looks amazing! Good job Darrel continue improving and committed to take care of yourself, I hope to see a grandchild coming soon :)

Bill Novotny Bill Novotny

Thinking about my friend out there on the “left” coast. You’re an amazing warrior....One I’ll always look up to. Just got tickets to Philly 104.5 Winter Jawn. Your kind of line up. Let me know if you’ll be in the area. Stay strong my friend.


Lisa Cartwright Lisa Cartwright


Thinking of you frequently! Keep the spirits up! Wishing you, Shawn and Kaitlyn the happiest of holidays.

Lisa Cartwright

Neil Kapadia Neil Kapadia

Darrell: Khahn told me about what you are going through and I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. We haven't seen one another since Duke, but you've often been in my thoughts over the years. We shared a fair number of memories over the years including one really memorable and crazy night in Chapel Hill. Sheena and I are praying for you and sending our love and positive energy. hopefully our Blue Devils will bring you some cheer during the year. Thanks to Google I was able to find this site and read all your posts to read about what you're going through and the unbelievably positive way that you have approached your challenge. It's inspiring. Am thinking of you. Neil Kapadia

Yelitza Placeres Yelitza Placeres

Great results the holistic approach definitely helps, wish you the best and continue with the positive energy to keep your immune system active and vigilant. Hugs for you and your family 😘

Haley radle Haley radle


I see a light in kaitlyns eyes at work when she talks about you. All of us at work are so happy to hear what happened after each doctors appointment from Kaitlyn and David. Blades of green is rooting for you!! Keep killin it!!!

Val Williams Val Williams

Hi Darrell, Great post on Relentless! You continue to be an inspiration to the rest of us on how you are savoring life. Your leadership continues.
Val Williams

Caroline Jewett Caroline Jewett

Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way! You always were a fighter... you got this!!
Much love,

  Cynthia Ulrich Cynthia Ulrich

He reminds me of Bugs. I’d call him “Doc” as in “what’s up doc?”

Yvette Lincoln Yvette Lincoln

Hey Darrell,

I am throwing a fish right at you!!! Keep honking because we are all in flight with you.

[email protected] Brian!!!


David Foster David Foster

Sending thoughts of positivity and strength for a quick and complete recovery. -David, Prateek, Susan, Faryar and the Adept Packaging Team.