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Star of the Show!

Welcome home stem cells! Today is the big day; The day Dad’s been preparing for; The day his stem cells are welcomed back to his body. 

In a two hour period Dave received four bags of his own stem cells each containing 130,000 cells {that were treated to ensure they’re cancer free —layman’s terms for the meticulous process they underwent} and stored in a cryogenic pot awaiting this moment. The staff here at PSL is second to none. They have a sense of urgency; they are on top of their game; and yet they are approachable and kind. What more can we ask for when it comes to a positive environment. 

Dad requested his stem cells be blessed before reintroduction and PSL’s chaplain paid Dave a beautiful visit. Thank you, Chaplain Michael. 

Dad’s going to rest for a little while and then I’m sure he’ll be back on the bike exceeding his daily goals he’s set for himself. I’m so impressed with his attitude and drive. He’s determined to be his best — to not just pass the time but enjoy it and get stronger. 

I’m not sure what the next few days will be like for Dave. I’ll keep you posted with how he’s feeling and how his body is responding to this process. 

Talk soon, and sending my love,


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