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fight of mommieslife

My wife Megan is 32 yrs old & the mother to a beautiful 5 1/2 year old lil girl. She was diagnosed with a rare disease called Takayasu's Arteritis @ the age of 14, from there she was in & out of hospitals, in & out of school, but never failing to make people laugh and beat all the odds. At 21 she underwent her first Open Heart surgery, knowing she would once again face this battle she didnt let it stop her, she kept going still plays with our young daughter & works full time, She does all the morning & night family duties as i work nights. She is one of the strongest and bravest people i know. She puts everyone before herself, she never asks for help is rt there to help whoever needs it. She prayed & hoped we would be ok with money when this day came unfortinately we arent as stable as we need to be with her being out of work for over 2 months we need to raise money for mortgage & bills, food and meds...... Please if you can share & Donate Please help Thank you The Jacks~ A, M & E