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Dawn vs. Cancer #FIGHTHARDER

On January 17, 2018, Dawn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Further testing showed that the cancer had metastasized to her liver. Our purpose for starting this page[...] read more

Latest journal entry

New chemo day.

Well, today Dawn started her new   chemo regiment.  We were really hoping that she would be starting tomorrow, because that would have meant that she was potentially getting the immunotherapy drug along with her chemo.  The fact that she started today means that she is definitely not getting the immunotherapy, BUT she is still getting a hefty chemo  cocktail which is comprised of three different chemo drugs which they are calling "FOLFOX".  Two of the drugs are administered at the cancer center over a two hour period of time.  The third gets to come home with her via a fanny pack and is administered over the course of a 48 hour period of time.  Dawn will get that one removed from her port on Friday.  This particular regiment will give her a week of rest, and then a week of chemo for the next foreseeable future.  Being that Dawn is still part of the test study, there will be frequent monitoring, including blood tests and CT scans.  

One of the drugs that they are giving her has a very interesting (although not real pleasant) side effect.  She is now SUPER sensitive to cold.  When she touches anything that is cold, she has equated it with an electric shock through her body.  To give you an idea of her sensitivity to cold, she had to use a plastic fork when eating dinner this evening because she couldn't touch a metal fork without extreme discomfort.

Overall, Dawn is doing pretty well this evening.  She ate well, with no nautiousness.   She is feeling a bit fatigued,  but she did feel well enough to go to the market this evening.

The picture that I included with this post is one that Dawn took of herself the other day.  Dawn still isn't too sure about her new hair color.  I LOVE IT!!!!  She thinks that it makes her look old (her words).  I completely disagree!!!  I think she looks great. What do you peeps think???  Much love to all!!


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