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Dawn vs. Cancer #FIGHTHARDER

On January 17, 2018, Dawn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Further testing showed that the cancer had metastasized to her liver. Our purpose for starting this page[...] read more

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She's an anomaly!!!!

At least that is what Dawn's chemo nurse called her when she went in for chemo yesterday.  I will expand on that in a little bit.  But first, a recap of our week.

Easter Sunday went well.  We had family and friends over for dinner and had a really nice time of fellowship and fun.  Monday started out pretty good, but didn't end well.  I actually ended up having to work a little later than normal.  When I got home, I greeted my wife with a kiss, as I normally do, and felt that her face was on fire!  I asked her to take her temp and found out that it was up to 100.8 degrees.  The oncologist had told us on one of our previous visits to her that if Dawn's temp were to get above 101 degrees, we needed to get her to ER.  Dawn downed some ibuprofen and within about a half hour, her temp started coming down.  This was at around 7:30.  At around 9:30pm, I was noticing that Dawn wasn't acting quite right.  She wasn't stable on her feet as she was walking around the house, and I watched her walk into an open door.  Her speech was rather mumbly, like she didn't have the energy to expend to form her words completely, and when asked simple questions like, "what is today", she was unnaturally slow with her response.  I was a bit beside myself and felt very unsure of what to do.  Thankfully, Dawn had enough wits about her to be able to guide me to call the on call oncologist and ask him what we should do.  He recommended taking Dawn in to ER and having her checked out.  Sooooo, that was what we did.  We got to the ER at a little after 10 PM and found a packed house.  Thankfully, the oncologist had called ahead and let them know we were coming in so we didn't have to wait long.  Shortly after they got Dawn situated with a room, a chest xray was administered, blood was drawn, and a urine sample was taken to try to figure out what was creating her altered mental status.  While we waited for the results, Dawn was given an IV saline solution.  We had a bit of a wait to get the results from the lab and it wasn't until after 1 am that the ER doc came in and told us that all the labs came back normal.  By that time, Dawn was actually starting to look and feel better.  Initially there was talk about possibly admitting Dawn to the hospital, but the ER doc said that due to the fact that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with Dawn (based on her labs), he didn't see a reason to keep her in a hospital full of sick people and didn't want to risk exposing her to something that her compromised system probably wouldn't take too kindly to. So, he sent her home.  We liked that decision!!  We finally made it home just before 2 in the morning and were able to call it a night.

Yesterday Dawn was able to get her chemo administered and we were also able to meet with her oncologist.  One of the things that we discussed was possible reasons behind Dawn's random fevers.  The doc said that it could be a reaction to the chemo as well as a reaction from the tumors.  We also discussed the pain and discomfort that Dawn has been feeling in her abdomen.  Dawn's liver is swollen and the doc believes that there is a good possibility that one or more ducts are being blocked which could be causing Dawn's abdomen to fill with fluid.  The doc did notice that Dawn was looking a bit bloated.  The "anomaly" that I mentioned earlier is that Dawn's liver enzyme levels are pretty close to perfect!! What that means is that her liver appears to still be functioning normally, even though everything else seems to be pointing to the contrary.  She should be a lot sicker than she is and this is really confounding the doc and the chemo nurses!   My pastor said that is the power of prayer!! 

Again, I thank all who are continuing to pray for us and bring us up in prayer chains.  Our God is a great big God and He continues to be in control of this situation.  Although things have been scary and stressful this week, He has carried us through and we are forever grateful!!  Much love to all!!

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