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Dawn vs. Cancer #FIGHTHARDER

On January 17, 2018, Dawn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Further testing showed that the cancer had metastasized to her liver. Our purpose for starting this page[...] read more

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The next phase...

So, our appointment with the oncologist went well.  According to the doc, the CAT scan did show a reduction in the tumor masses in both the liver and the pancreas.  That was terrific news!!!  The doc also said that regarding chemo, she was waffling between charging forward with more chemo and giving Dawn a break.  She went with giving Dawn a break from the chemo for at least the next month.  We were really happy to hear that.  Dawn has really been a trooper when it comes to the side effects that she has had to endure over the last 6 months, but it is time to give her body a break!!  The doc wants to see Dawn in 4 weeks to do an evaluiation.  She will be checking on Dawn's liver enzyme levels as well as her tumor marker levels.  If everything stays as is, then she will let Dawn go another month without chemo.  If her tumor marker levels start elevating, then she will start Dawn back up on a chemo regiment but she is going to pair it with an immunotherapy regiment.  The doc has been looking at a test study being done out of UCLA involving a particular type of immunotherapy and told us that the results have been very positive and that Dawn would be a good candidate to participate in the study.  According to the doc, this immunotherapy helps to break down the chemical "shield" that the cancer cells produce to mask it from the body's immune system.  By breaking down this shield, the body's immune system can now identify the cancer cells as an invader to the body, and will treat it as such.  We are both on board with that, if it comes to needing it.  Time will tell!!  


Much love to all!!!

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