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Financial Support for Joe Horejsi & his Family

In February 2017, Joe Horejsi began to experience some unexplainable pain, and discomfort in his back and body. As the months progressed, Joe’s pain increased, and his abilities to continue his day to day life has taken a significant turn for the worse. After many doctors appointments, with many different doctors, ranging from Lonsdale to Montana, Joe was informed that he had Lymes’s disease. Joe has medical treatments twice a week in which his wife Bernice has to take off work to get him there. He also has a nurse who stops in one to two times a week to assist his day to day needs. The financial burden of these medical treatments is becoming insurmountable as Joe is unable to work and help support his family. Our hopes are to ease the financial burden of these medical treatments by giving people a place to help donate to this cause. Please consider helping this family out in anyway you can. Thank you for support!