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Posted 2019-01-30T02:30:34Z

Word is getting OUT!

We are sharing our benefit event on social media daily, and we are starting to reach greater audiences in the hopes that all that are willing and able can attend or at least donate if possible, to this worthy cause.  I see our views are moving up each day, and I appreciate all of you who are working hard to share out this site and more to help support Joe and his family.[...]

Posted 2019-01-27T01:51:00Z

Plans are in Motion!

Thank you to all of you who have visited the site, and to those of you who have donated already, a special THANK YOU!!  I hope you all are following the site so we can give updates about the upcoming Benefit for Joe Horejsi, as well as share his needs moving forward.[...]

Posted 2019-01-24T03:14:00Z

Welcome to Joe Horejsi's PostHope Site

Welcome to the Joe Horejsi support family! This site is for family and friends, old and new, to organize our efforts to support this extraordinary person. This page will serve as your home base for rallying the troops, receiving updates , and raising dearly needed funds to support Joe Horejsi. Here's the plan:[...]