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Posted 2019-01-30T02:30:34Z

Word is getting OUT!

We are sharing our benefit event on social media daily, and we are starting to reach greater audiences in the hopes that all that are willing and able can attend or at least donate if possible, to this worthy cause.  I see our views are moving up each day, and I appreciate all of you who are working hard to share out this site and more to help support Joe and his family.

Many of you are hopefully coming to our benefit, but for those that have stopped in to see what this is all about, I ask that you consider a donation, even as little as $5 will add up to great amounts for this family.  My Uncle Joe is normally the person who would be on the helping side of things, never shying away from helping a fellow friend or community member.  It is in a time like this where even the strongest of people can struggle to reach out and ask for help themselves.

This is why I have offered to help and organize this event, because if people like me who know and care about Joe don't step up to try and help, then events like these may not take place.  I have faith that many of you that you share in the helping spirit that my Uncle Joe has, and I thank you for all of the donations and help that has been offered in other ways thus far.  Let us continue to come together to help and support this family, as we work towards putting on a very successful Benefit for Joe.

Please continue to pray for my Uncle Joe and share out this information as often as you can to help ensure that the majority of people that need to see this, do.


Thank you all, and stay warm out there MN!

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