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Ford Tough

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Latest journal entry

Day +3

Hello! Today is Day+3! I started today feeling really well! David and I did our “laps” around the nurse’s station and I had tons-o-energy! We finally got to see the helicopter land in the back yard. My scoreboard shows everything is going as planned. Then...chemo happened. Dang you chemo. I just need to do 2 measley days of chemo today and tomorrow and then I can be done with it for GOOD! So I started my infusion at 1:00 and it hit me like a brick. Aches, chills, stomach issues. Same ol familiar misery. I took a nice long nap and now I’m feeling a bit better. Ugh. Once I finish the chemo tomorrow I just might break out into song. The T-shirt I’m wearing might be the tune. 😆 I’m soooo close to being myself again, I can feel it. So after tomorrow it’s “SO LOOOONG CHEMO!!” Don’t let the door hit you in the...🤫! 

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