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Posted 2018-10-10T02:50:38Z

Day +20

Hi to all! Nothing can bring me down today because today I was discharged from the hospital!!!! I said, through tears on Sunday, that I will be leaving Tuesday and God's will made it so! Had an interesting time getting the catheter out of my jugular. It’s been in so long that scar tissue formed around it. Took quite a bit of force but the doc numbed me up pretty well and with a firm tug and some snipping it popped out. 馃槼馃あ We got packed up and said our goodbyes. My favorite moment today was when David and I walked in to the apartment we have rented for a few months and he dropped the bags and gave me a big kiss! Our first kiss in 29 days! I am thankful. I am blessed.

Be thankful, for all that you have and don’t have. For all that you can and can’t do.  I am soaking in my 2nd chance and I am grateful. To be free to go to another room or even to the bathroom without help or dragging my IV pole? To get food (food with taste) without calling someone, asking and then waiting...waiting? To be able to SLEEP through the night without giving blood or taking medication every 2 hours? What will I do with this luxurious life? ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT. Even the mundane. I cried tears of joy when they told me I could go. I was there way past what the doctors anticipated. But everyone’s journey is different and I’d thank God every time I heard the code blue announcement for different rooms on different floors, which was every day and every night. Please pray for those still at Mayo hospital. Please pray for the nurses and staff (I kinda already told them you would 馃槈). As for Taylor, I heard he was discharged but still needs prayers to stay positive and continue to fight. This ain’t over! Still have a way to go before I can be reintroduced to the public (day +100). Thank you again for your comments, texts, messages, and prayers! 

Pics are of the moment I found out I was going to be discharged, my jugular pic after the line was pulled, and me in my Borinqueneers gear. Night all!

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Comments (6)

  • Felix Lopez montalvo
    Felix Lopez montalvo

    Welcome home brave lady, all willl be fine, just keep on truckin, mmmuuuaaahhh

    one year agoReply
  • June Matthews
    June Matthews

    Oh Carla! Such joy. Your peace, happiness and beauty shine through in the pictures. Your thankfulness and perspective on what's important are so inspiring. Sweet, quiet, uninterrupted sleep for you tonight. 😊😴

    one year agoReply
  • Sherry Ayala
    Sherry Ayala

    Welcome Home Champ!!!!

    one year agoReply
  • Anais Robles
    Anais Robles

    Oh Carlie! This made my heart smile! I am SO happy for you! Every post my heart has broken for you, reading all the horrible side effects you were going through. Thank you Lord you are well enough to be released and recover in a comfortable environment with the love of your life! I miss you dearly and pray that you only continue to get better! Love you so much! <3

    one year agoReply
  • Christopher Ford
    Christopher Ford

    Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing sister!!!!

    one year agoReply
  • Leslie Wilhelm
    Leslie Wilhelm

    Congratulations, Carla!!! way to go - now time to concentrate on healing!

    one year agoReply