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Posted 2018-10-28T21:21:43Z

Day +39

Hello! It’s been a while since I updated this! I’ve been living in our temporary apartment in Jax now for a couple weeks and I’ve been working on getting stronger everyday. David went back home to start working again and my wonderful Titi Norma has been doing a fantastic job of taking care of me! I have bloodwork and see the doctor Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. My numbers/ cells are not normal yet but getting there. They go up and down as normal. No sign of graft vs host disease-thank You Lord! The best news so far is that they found no lymphoma in my bone marrow! Now we wait for the results of the chimera (sp?) test. That will tell us how much of my cells are my sister’s vs mine. We want it to be 100% Raquel in there! So praying for that good news. I’m being forced, I mean, I’m being motivated daily to walk at least a half mile a day πŸ˜†. I’m so weak that it’s not easy. We go to the shopping center here that’s outside and I can walk with my mask on and window shop. I know I’m getting stronger each day. Last week I couldn’t dress myself or bathe without crashing on the bed afterwards. Now I can dress myself without help! Yes, the transplant was a big deal but the aftermath is the REAL battle. Day by day. Overall I’m feeling good! Wish I was stronger but doc says to be patient. Now for some unknown blasted reason I developed mouth sores (again) that make it very difficult to eat so I’m on a liquid diet again. Even yogurt hurts. πŸ˜” Just when my tastebuds started to work again! I’m soooo hungry for real food!😒😒 I lost like 6lbs in 2days! As soon as the sores go away I’ll probably add back 10lbs from all the food I’m gonna eat that I’ve been dreaming about!! You don’t even know how badly I want a greasy burger and fries!😩 

On a positive note! Doc says I’m able to see my boys this coming Saturday as long as they’re symptom-free. Yaaay! I’m super excited about it because I’m getting very very homesick and missing them like crazy. Last weekend I was supposed to see them but Gabriel was sick-very disappointing. So praying that they stay healthy this week at school! 

As soon as I get the results of the test I will post an update. Thank you for your prayers and messages, they are everything I need right now! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ½

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Comments (4)

  • Margrette Auffant
    Margrette Auffant

    So good to hear from you. Stay strong my friend. I hope you are able to see your boys soon. Xoxo

    one year ago Β· Reply
  • June Matthews
    June Matthews

    So happy to get your update! You've made incredible progress! I'm sorry about the mouth painful! I'm glad you have your aunt there. Here on the homefront, does your family need meals or help with the boys yet? I bet you can't wait to see your wonderful boys. You continue to be in my prayers and thoughts.

    one year ago Β· Reply
  • Felix Lopez montalvo
    Felix Lopez montalvo

    That’s great news and I’m glad to hear from you dont worry about the food just think ICE CREAM, Still here and still loving you, mmmuuuaaahhh

    one year ago Β· Reply
  • Julie Cardone
    Julie Cardone

    Yay Carly!! So glad for your progress and that you are able to see your boys soon. Miss you!

    one year ago Β· Reply