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Posted 2018-12-06T01:01:04Z

Day+77 Update!

Hello! Again-it’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted an update-I’m so sorry! It’s been 77 days since my transplant and 85 days since I was admitted into the hospital at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. My Titi Norma and I have been living in our Jax apartment and I’ve gone from seeing the doctor 3/week to 2/week to now only once per week! I had an overnight stay in the hospital for tests to determine the cause of my stomach issues. All the tests were clear except for inflammation that we’re trying to treat with diet and by stopping some medications. My bloodwork has been steadily improving and my happiest moment to-date has been going home for 4 days to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Even though I couldn’t see everyone that weekend, it was a blessing just to be home. I’m much stronger these days. I’m able to walk at a normal pace for a mile or so without stopping. I haven’t used my wheelchair in weeks! I still wear a mask in public but that’s just to be extra safe since it’s flu season. I don’t care if I get some stares-at least I am well and able to be out!

My first chimerism test showed that my immune system is 80% my sister’s cells and the rest of my blood is 100% Raquel! That was back in October and my doctor believes that the new test will show my immune system is now 100% Kiki/Raquel! Yaaaay! We are waiting for those results and to do my next PETCT scan that is next week. I have a few more weeks before I’m completely off my anti-rejection meds. This will be an important time because this will secure that my sister’s immune system is doing its job and taking over. It is possible that it could trigger the graft vs. host disease that I’ve been luckily avoiding but the doctor told me today that I may just never get gvhd! That would be an amazing blessing and I am praying for that.

Speaking about praying! I would love and appreciate if my prayer army would pray also for my friend Erica. I met her through one of my doctors. She’s only 33 yrs old, has 2 little girls and had her transplant a year before me (actually she’s now 11 months older than me πŸ˜†) and is a warrior for sure! She’s had to deal with gvhd for a while and needs a dang break! So pray for Erica please. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

Finally, I want to thank everyone that has been so supportive! I love you all! Your prayers have definitely carried me through this and will continue to make me strong. And so I am happy to announce that after being away from my family since September.....I AM FINALLY GOING HOME!!!!!! 😭😭 The doctor says I am doing well and only need to come up for my weekly appointments! I am so happy I almost can’t believe it! It has been tough but I made it and can’t wait to start my new life. When you have been as sick as I have been, for as long as I was sick, it’s hard to imagine a life free from chemo drugs and hospital visits. I know there are still hurdles to jump and markers to reach, the recovery from a bone marrow transplant does not end when you leave the hospital. BUT-For the first time in 20 years I will be living without cancer. Wow. Praise the Lord. Praise him who gave me a 2nd chance at life. I know he has a plan and purpose for all that we have gone through.  

I will update you all when I get the results from my tests next week. But until then-THANK YOU for keeping me in your prayers! 


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  • Kate Matson
    Kate Matson

    AMAZING!!! God is so good! Praying for you all the time Carla! 💕

    one year ago Β· Reply
  • Rosalie Santiago
    Rosalie Santiago

    So happy to hear that many prayers have been answered. God has blessed you with a second chance with a cancer free life. I can't believe you are finally going home, I know it's been a tough journey for you and your family but you are ALL FORD TOUGH. Stay strong and I will continue to keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers.

    one year ago Β· Reply