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Celebrating LIVING and Invite!



Hello everyone! Update time! Iʼm on an “elimination diet” and itʼs still a struggle, but Iʼm doing much better. Stomach continues to be my issue but hopefully the docs will get to the bottom of it soon. Still going to Jacksonville weekly to see different doctors, but again much better.

This past weekend was wonderful as I spent time celebrating my anniversary early with David AND was honored to be at an event in Miami Lakes that raises money for cancer research and celebrates survivors. My amazing friend and fellow cancer survivor, Alexandra Alonso and her husband Robert have an organization that raises funds for UM Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center called “Cars for a Cure”. What an incredible event, wonderful community and amazing cause to support and be a part of, even if it was for just a weekend. I will do a separate post about that event because thereʼs so much to talk about!

That event motivated me even more to support our local charities and families dealing with cancer. It occurred to me that while I was sick/away so many of you wanted to know how to help my family and me and I have yet to find a way to say how thankful I was/am for that! I have not forgotten all the things you have said or done and prayers you have sent. Nothing I can say would express my gratitude. Iʼve thought of different ways I could show appreciation, but every time I think of something I feel like itʼs not enough. Like many people that have dedicated their birthday to a cause, I want my celebration to be something that would bring awareness to local families dealing with cancer and I want to celebrate with all of you my healing (all thanks be to God)! Iʼm hoping to get as many of you to join me in celebrating as possible!

On Friday, May 10th, my husband and I will be celebrating our health by attending The Black and White Party-10 Year Anniversary Event.

I would really REALLY love to celebrate my husbandʼs and my survivor stories with you and your guests at this event!

Some of you may have seen advertisements for this event and never had a spark in your heart to attend. Please let me share with you some words that may ignite that spark!

This event is run by my dear high school friend Heissam “Iʼm In” Jebailey. It was inspired by his own health crisis and now he works tirelessly each year to make this event happen for our local charity. The fact that I know Heissam personally is coincidental enough-BUT WAIT THEREʼS MORE! The event benefits the very organization that has been a part of my family for years-BASE Camp Childrenʼs Cancer Foundation Inc.

Yes, before David and I had our transplants our family was blessed to be part of the BASE Camp community. When my aunt married my uncle Scott, we welcomed his sister Jackie and her daughter Simone into our lives. Simone was born with a rare disease at a young age but defied the odds and lived past the 14 years the doctors gave her. Simone enjoyed BASE Campʼs many events as a kid and Aunt Jackie worked for Base Camp as the Director of Development for many years. BASE Camp and itʼs founder, Terri Jones Robbins, became family. My Aunt Jackie was a champion for everything Base Camp did, it was not just her job, it was her passion. My cousin Simone succumbed to her illness in December of 2012 at the age of 24 leaving behind a beautiful baby girl Talía, that was a miracle herself. Jackie was both mom and grandma to Talía until her own death from cancer in July of 2016. My aunt and uncle are now raising Talía along with their 2 other children. Through it all, Base Camp has been right beside my family helping and giving us hope and support.

Thatʼs what BASE Camp does (LOOK)! Theyʼre a support for families, doing things that try to bring normalcy and happiness during crisis. They donʼt get recognized enough for what they do to help families going through their most difficult times right here in our community! They depend on support from the community and especially from the money raised by Heissam and the Black and White event.

Can you even imagine having a child with an illness such as cancer? Iʼve been through it and I canʼt imagine a CHILD going through what I did. Kids right around the corner from us are dealing with it every day. We have some of the most successful childrenʼs hospitals in the country right here in Central Florida and BASE Camp is at those hospitals EVERY WEEK helping families! They are a true face-to-face organization that helps families here and now!

Want to know how to help David and I and hundreds of these families dealing with cancer right here in our community?

Donate HERE for BASE Camp and click HERE to go to Black and White Weekend with me!

Before my transplant I told Heissam that I WILL BE AT THIS ANNIVERSARY EVENT and it will be my celebration after I’ve successfully survived my transplant and get my life back!

I want to celebrate with you all!

I want to celebrate all the support youʼve given my family and me!

I want to celebrate that our Lord has brought me through the battle for my life!

I want to help other families dealing with a cancer diagnosis!

Thereʼs no better way than a night out at an amazing event that benefits my favorite cancer organization BASE CAMP!

Get dressed-up in all black and/or white, get a babysitter and make THIS your date night/weekend!


You can view the entire weekend agenda by clicking here.

For less than $50 per person you can go to all the events that includes: the B & W event Friday, pool event (family friendly) Saturday, AND networking event Saturday night.

Best part is that it benefits BASE CAMP! The goal is to beat last yearʼs amount and we still need your help to achieve that goal. Heissam is still looking for a table sponsor and I would love to make that happen through any of you. Please message me on FB, [email protected] or text me at 407-342-0637 so I can connect you with him.

If you canʼt make the event Friday, May 10th please at least consider donating to BASE Camp HERE.

Maybe you can make a donation on behalf of a loved one you know that has lost the battle with cancer, WON the battle, or is fighting it right now.

Please, please join us May 10 and make not only my day but make a difference to all the kids and families dealing with cancer in our community!

Invite your friends!

Invite co-workers!

Letʼs celebrate together!

See Heissam talking about the event on WESH 2 this morning! Click Here!




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