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Posted 2019-02-10T18:20:31Z

Cleansing Greatly Improves Your Overall Health

How long has it been since you gave your body a good, deep cleansing?

Now is the perfect time to think about doing just that.

Your family doctor wants you to be healthy, happy, and energetic… and when you’re carrying around a few extra pounds, your likelihood of enjoying your best health and energy is low.

Especially when those pounds include a fair amount of stored toxins… which they almost always do!

Next time you visit your family doctor, ask about cleansing, and get suggestions on which regimen they’d recommend.

and this time of year – with the usual holiday indulgences behind us, and a new year of health ahead – is a great time to make that appointment with your family medical practitioner.

New To Cleansing?  Start Slow

Your doctor is likely to recommend a slow start if you’re new to doing cleanses.

almost all cleanses involve some form of fasting… experienced cleansers can go a week without consuming anything but water, and the energy boost they get at the end of that week is usually described as “incredible.”

(There are even “cleansing spas” some people visit where they go a whole month without eating!)

But if you’re new to cleansing, your doctor will definitely recommend that you start much more slowly.

a two-day fast and cleanse can make a huge difference you’ll feel right away.

and some people find they can lose a few extra pounds just in a couple of days away from their typical diet – especially if that diet is not highly disciplined in the first place!

Once you’ve experienced the difference even a brief fast and cleanse can make, you’ll probably want to adopt cleansing as a regular practice.  Some people do a two- or three-day fast and cleanse once a month… others build up to a week-long fast and cleanse, and do that every six months.

Everybody – and every body – is different.  That’s why it’s smart to check with your family medical practitioner before you start a fasting and cleansing regimen.  No one knows your particular body and lifestyle better than your own doctor… and your doctor is expert on health practices of this nature.

Beyond Fasting

As your doctor will tell you, there are many different types of cleansing regimens from which to choose the cleansing method that’s just right for you, your body, and your lifestyle.

Those month-long fasts we mentioned?  Those are not water-only… and overdoing it on self-deprivation, no matter what encouraging information your bathroom scale is giving you, can be dangerous.  That’s why health spas and cleansing specialists often recommend organic juice cleansing to their clients.

You can go a day or two on water only (and you’ll probably surprise yourself when you realize how hungry you aren’t at the end of the cleanse).  But much longer fasts do require some nutritional intake.

Another great health practice to use in combination with fasting cleanses is colon hydrotherapy.  It may not be for everyone… but hydrotherapy patients often experience wonderful results as they flush the toxins (and the fat that holds those toxins) out of their bodies.

And while many practitioners suggest that you cool it with your workouts while your body is cleansing, the best thing for your overall health is to combine periodic cleansing with the daily habits most health pros suggest: a good nutritional program, a strong exercise regimen, a drinking (water) habit, a regular sleep pattern, and consistent use of some basic supplements.

Here’s to a clean new year!  Your health and energy will get a great boost when you dive in and try regular periodic cleansing.  ask your family health practitioner for the best way to incorporate cleansing to make 2019 your healthiest year ever!

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