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Posted 2017-06-21T15:07:33Z

June 21 - Update on Radiation Simulation and Increased Chemotherapy

This has been a difficult few days for Noe and family!  On Monday, they went to Mexicali for the radiation simulation, and it proved too much for Noe’s three-year-old emotions.  He became very aggressive towards his mother and needed to be sedated.  I’m sure it’s easy to understand that this little three-year-old cannot comprehend what is going on and wonders why his loved ones would allow these people to hurt him. [...]

Posted 2017-06-19T23:25:26Z

Update on Treatment

Noe's radiation treatment has been postponed until July 10 due to the lack of an anesthesiologist.  Children of Noe's age must be put under anesthesia for the procedure because it is very important that the child remain still during the treatment.  It was very disappointing for the family to hear of the postponement.  In addition, because of the delay, Noe will be required to undergo stronger chemotherapy treatments in the interim.  He will be admitted to Hospital Tijuana tomorrow to receive the stronger dosage, and will remain there for a period of time under observation.[...]

Posted 2017-06-19T23:10:00Z

Background on Noe's Condition

Noe is three years old and the grandson of Daniel, a maintenance worker at Club Marena.  Noe began complaining about headaches on April 30 accompanied by vomiting.  His mom, Alejandra, took him to a local clinic and the doctor told her that Noe probably had an earache.  When it did not subside, the next day she returned and was told that he may just be faking it. Finally, Alejandra took Noe to Hospital Tijuana where a pediatrician ran some tests and found a tumor.  They immediately admitted Noe to the hospital.  Although told that there was a tumor, the family was not made aware of the severity of the situation until the hospital transferred Noe to the oncology unit.  At that time, they were told that Noe had a Stage 4 Medulloblastoma.  Thanks to an agreement between Hospital Tijuana and Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego that allows complex cases such as Noe's to be referred to Rady Children's, the hospitals obtained visas for Mom and Noe to go to San Diego on May 4.  At Rady's additional tests were performed, the diagnosis was confirmed, and Noe's surgery took place on May 8, 2017.  The surgeons removed the tumor and Noe remained in the hospital until May 11, when he was released with the stipulation that he would begin chemotherapy treatments in Tijuana.  Noe began chemotherapy on June 10 and will receive treatments every week for approximately one year.   However, due to the aggressiveness of the cancer, Noe will also need radiation therapy over the next 6 weeks.  [...]