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Posted 2017-06-19T23:25:26Z

Update on Treatment

Noe's radiation treatment has been postponed until July 10 due to the lack of an anesthesiologist.  Children of Noe's age must be put under anesthesia for the procedure because it is very important that the child remain still during the treatment.  It was very disappointing for the family to hear of the postponement.  In addition, because of the delay, Noe will be required to undergo stronger chemotherapy treatments in the interim.  He will be admitted to Hospital Tijuana tomorrow to receive the stronger dosage, and will remain there for a period of time under observation.

Noe's treatments are covered under the public health system.  Unfortunately, the radiation treatments take place in Mexicali and the chemotherapy is administered in Tijuana.  The hospital in Mexicali will provide the family with a room near the hospital during radiation therapy (which will take place Monday to Friday for six weeks - now beginning on July 10).  Each Saturday, the family will go to Tijuana in taxi, to receive the chemotherapy treatment, and return to Mexicali on Sunday.  These will be difficult trips for Noe in his weakened state, so part of the money raised from the bake sale is being used to hire a private taxi to shuttle them between Mexicali and Tijuana.  This is a 2 1/2 hour drive in a taxi vs. a 4 1/2 hour ride in a bus or multiple taxis.  Round trip fare is about $100.  Today was their first trip to Mexicali, where they are performing a "simulation" and fitting Noe with the apparatus that will be used to administer the radiation.  

We have also purchased some dietary supplements and anti-nausea medication to help Noe tolerate the treatments.

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