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Posted 2017-06-21T15:07:33Z

June 21 - Update on Radiation Simulation and Increased Chemotherapy

This has been a difficult few days for Noe and family!  On Monday, they went to Mexicali for the radiation simulation, and it proved too much for Noe’s three-year-old emotions.  He became very aggressive towards his mother and needed to be sedated.  I’m sure it’s easy to understand that this little three-year-old cannot comprehend what is going on and wonders why his loved ones would allow these people to hurt him. 

The family returned to Rosarito Monday evening after this ordeal, because they needed to check in to Hospital Tijuana on Tuesday morning.  Noe was equally upset on Tuesday, so they sedated him again.  By late morning the doctorsdecided to surgically insert a catheter into the arteries leading to his heart because the burning sensation through the IV was too much for little Noe to handle.  The doctors then began a 24 hour dose of chemotherapy – stronger than the previous doses because of the delay in receiving radiation therapy.

 For now, little Noe is still in the hospital in Tijuana.   I’ll keep you posted on his progress.


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