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Posted 2013-11-19T01:40:19Z

The Power of Prayer

All of your prayers and good wishes for my upcoming Liver surgery are awesome.

Peggy, daughter Mary(who is invaluable) and I met with the top Liver surgeon, Dr.Fong, at Memorial Sloan Kettering early this afternoon. He said that the melanoma that migrated to my liver was unusual in that it seems to have clustered together in the upper right lobe but not spread much elsewhere in the liver. He felt that he could surgically excise that site (taking only about 10% of the liver) and perhaps the adjacent gall bladder in a 2 hour operation which is scheduled for Wed.Nov.27. He can't be certain about everything until he actually gets in there and sees things on site but is very optimistic at this point.

After surgery, there is a 5 - 7 day stay at Sloan Kettering and then discharge at home in Connecticut and the prospect of returning to Florida sometime in January. Metastases to the liver usually have a 6 month to 1 year life expectancy so this is an awesome blessing this holiday season.  God is good!

Thank you for your prayers,  


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