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This site is a way for family, friends, and loved ones of Christie, Micah, and Baby Gera to check in and see day to day how they are all doing.

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Posted 2018-02-23T12:16:39Z

A letter for Gera on his first birthday.

Dear Gera,

For your first birthday I want you to know many things about myself, your Dad, and about yourself.  There have been so many things that you have taught us and we will forever be thankful for that.

I want to start by telling you that I am sorry.  I am sorry that for the first seven months of your life, you had to fight. You had to fight harder than a human being should fight during their entire life.  You fought harder than anyone I have ever met to stay alive, to thrive, and to be happy throughout it all.  Every single obstacle that was thrown your way, you never let it get you down.  
I am sorry that I had my guard up.  I was so scared that I was going to lose you at times, that I thought if I got too close my heart would be shattered again. There were times I may not have been the best support due to being sad, mad, and just an emotional wreck.  But, what I want you to do someday when you get older is to thank your Dad.  When you would be having a rough day, and I wasn’t being the best support….your Dad would shed positive light on our situation.  He always fought for you and knew that you would be OK.  He always told me not to worry and that you would be fine, even when you were not fine. He stayed strong for the both of us.  

I want to say thank you.  Before you were born, you were wished for more than you will ever know.  Our lives were completely consumed in starting a family. We never gave up, not once, during our process to get to you….no matter how long it took....three years to be exact.
Thank you for changing my life.  Before you came along, I may have taken for granted things in my life.  I didn’t enjoy a bright sunny day, a nice walk on the bike path, or just hanging around the house on a lazy weekend.  You have now taught me not to take a single thing in life for granted.  Every single moment I have with you, I cherish….even the moments that drive most parents crazy.   I cherish these moments because there were many times I didn’t think I would ever experience these moments with you.  
Thank you for teaching us to be your advocate.  Being a parent, you are always the advocate but in this situation it was a little different.  We had to be your voice in the hospital.  We fought so hard for you on many occasions in all three of the hospitals that you spent a majority of your first year in.  

Lastly, I want you to know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.  After seeing what a fighter you are, you can do anything in your life.  You will succeed at all you do, I just know this.  Never let anyone bring you down and especially don’t let anyone ever tell you that are you different.  You may have many scars from your journey but, these battle wounds are beautiful because they are part of YOUR journey.  You have a story to tell and although it was a scary story with lots of bumps along the way, it defined you.

Happy First Birthday Baby Boy.  You deserve more than just a party and some gifts on your birthday….you deserve a life full of happiness.  You have completely changed my life in a way that I have never thought possible and I know you will keep showing everyone how strong and amazing you truly are. You are the sweetest angel and have not only changed my life but everyone who has been supporting you and by your side from the beginning.

We love you Gera Alan Jencks!


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