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Posted 2014-11-03T04:00:00Z

Moving from ICU?

I was with Andrei for a few hours today. I met one of his doctors and a couple of his nurses, they are all so caring and hopeful and kind. He is in good hands. He is much more awake and understanding of what has happened but, he is still very tired. We found out that he did have a concussion from the accident which is playing a part in his confusion along with pain medication and being sedated for such a long period of time. His memory will only get better the longer he is awake and stimulated. He has a lot of questions! We have been trying to answer them but he is having a hard time remembering that we have already told him the answer. Andrei and I talked for a long time yesterday, he's been watching Shrek and Ice Age and other kids movies and seems happy to be healing. His pneumonia is pretty bad at this point, his lungs are hurting his more then any other injury he sustained. They have removed all of his tubes (feeding, breathing etc) and when I arrived he was eating a piece of pizza. Andrei is still in a very critical medical condition especially with the addition of pneumonia, even though he is awake he still has a long journey ahead of him. He was talking about going home a lot which is heartbreaking for all of us to hear. They are hopeful about taking him out of ICU either Monday or Tuesday. When we get his room number I will post it so people can go and visit or call. We are looking to get him a phone so he can text or call and when that happens I will post the number. Knowing that people care and are thinking of him is very important. This is an incredibly difficult situation to be in and feeling the love and support from all of you is critically important. 

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  • Michael Sjogren
    Michael Sjogren

    Thanks for your updates Janet. This is very helpful, especially in regards to praying specifically. There is much prayer happening!

    5 years ago · Reply