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Posted 2014-11-16T00:47:21Z

Andrei has been released!!!

I am so happy to say that Andrei has been released from the hospital!!!!! He will be moving home to live with his parents while he adjusts and heals. He hopes to be back to living independently very soon and will be fitted for a prosthetic in the coming weeks. This is when we need to rally together. If you wanted to help financially this is when to do it. Now that he has been released his medical bills will be coming in. He was able to get a form of insurance for critical care but it won't cover everything. Many people have asked how to help financially and you can do it here on this site. Andrei is so thankful for what he has received already. Catch up with him on Facebook he would love to hear from you. Thank you again for all your kind words, visits, letters, love, hugs, prayers, good thoughts and most of all for hope!

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