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Dad, kicked down a notch, kicking back

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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2020-02-02T03:58:12Z

The Color of the Day (it's Red)

Who's pale, ancient, relies on a constant supply of blood donors, and has with strong nocturnal tendencies?  Dad!  I know you were hoping the answer was "Vampire".  And I don't really think "ancient" works but I remember a time in life that his current age would have appeared infinitely old.

I want to encourage everyone to wear red tomorrow in appreciation for the six to ten blood donors that helped to prepare Dad for going home.  Mom and I will be heading up to the hospital soon to pick him up - a whole new man!  That is, if you're just paying attention to his blood cells.  The vast majority of the functioning aspects of his circulatory system right now came from other people.  

There will be a lot of adjustments for dad when he gets back home.  He has a list of medical tasks to take care of every day and he will have very frequent appointments to monitor his condition.  Chemo treatment will occur every three weeks but I suspect he'll be seeing doctors a couple of times each week for various things.  His perpetual "to do" list will shift to more sedentary tasks, though I suspect that won't include doing the taxes.  

Dad misses being self sufficient, misses people, misses missing several notes as he plays the piano for church, misses singing, and so many other things.  I think he's trying to balance his hopes for resuming normalcy with his growing understanding of his current limitations.  Simultaneously he's mourning for the changes in his life that he can't control as well as those that he can...change is difficult.

Mom and I set aside working on the house for the weekend to rest and get things taken care of at our homes.  We will still need to come back to the finishing things from their assured that we'll seek help to clean out the garage, among other things!  She and I both appreciate the calls, visits, and meals that have made the last couple of weeks easier to manage.  Dad, of course, is appreciative as well...but mostly for the blood, I think.  Let's keep that coming!  Through the proper channels, of course.  And don't forget to wear red Sunday!  Bloooo--oooo-ooo-oooood (that's supposed to be like the Chief's chant)


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