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Brad is currently in the hospital fighting for his life--please keep in your thoughts and prayers.

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Posted 2016-04-18T15:40:51Z

Happy Birthday to Mom

Yesterday, Mom celebrated her 65th birthday.  If you know my mom, you probably know her idea of a great birthday would be sitting on the beach, a yummy alcoholic beverage in one hand and a good book in the other.  She'd sit there all day until the sun went down over the ocean.  But, all things considered, Mom got a pretty good gift for her birthday yesterday....

Brad got moved up to the coveted 11th floor.  He said goodbye to all of the wonderful nurses and staff in the ICU and with all do respect was glad to not be in their company anymore.  Dr. Hemp fixed him up with his own room with a view of the ocean.  Michael and I went to visit him and Michael set-up his PS4 (It's like an Atari on steroids for the Y Active Adult readers of this site).  And then--get ready--he got out of bed and went for a walk.  I must say he moved pretty swift, pushing that walker around the floor.  And there was Mom with her camera ready.  Her son, who since February 26th she didn't know whether would live or die, was walking!  What a gift.    

After his little jaunt, my brother was a little tired, but somehow her mustered up the energy to sit in a chair for a few minutes. (Now on the 11th floor, he is determined to do the work to make it to the next step which is a rehab facility.)  I talked to him about this site and I asked him if he wanted me to continue writing it.  While I am sure some would feel like a celebrity having a website devoted to them, my brother is a humble guy.  I think now that he is fully conscious and able to communicate, to him it feels kind-of like the Truman Show.

And so my friends, this is will be my last post and I can't think of a sweeter one to end with than my mom's birthday surprise.  It is true that Brad still has a long way to go in his recovery, but the wonderful news is now he can contact you directly.  Thank you all for your posts, comments, love and support.  Even though he is humble, I still think Brad still gets a kick out of the fact that he has over 3,000 views on his page.  And thank you to whatever you believe to be the power of our Great Universe.  I'm sure you will all agree that in these past couple months we just witnessed nothing less than a miracle. I hope this journey has changed you all.  Pray hard and believe.  Love hard and be grateful for those who are dear to you.  I love you, little brother.   

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