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Gloria Galicia - Journal

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Posted 2017-01-14T20:49:44Z

Medical update

Gloria will be on blood thinners for a week. In a week or so, she will have one aneurysm taken out near her eye. They can do this with a laser and not go through her head. Once that is healed, she will have the second one removed. She will not be able to work through any of this. Dinner plate tickets are being sold at a Austin Boats and Motors in Lakeway from 1-4 on Saturday to raise funds. [...]

Posted 2017-01-11T22:33:41Z

Gloria's condition

If you have visited with Gloria recently, you may have noticed that she is struggling with nausea, severe headaches, and decreased vision, especially in her right eye. These are major red flags that the aneurysms are growing. Doctors are seeing her this Friday morning to plan her surgery. Gloria and her family will need some financial assistance to meet deductibles and fund the surgery. Gloria is very nervous about the surgery and could use our prayers, love, and comfort at this time, too.[...]