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Posted 2012-04-23T03:11:03Z

It was God that created humour

Imagine if God hadn't created humour: how unbearably dull and monotous life would be! it is through our sense of humour that we can often find joy and even comfort during tragedy and hearbreak.

It was while I was experiencing severe depression and anxiety, and having difficulty coping that God shared a joke with me that began me on my journey to recovery.

After speaking with other Christians, I realised that many of us have encountered God's sense of humour, and I decided to put together a book of people's real life experiences.

My purpose is twofold: to encourage and uplift others going through difficulty, and to raise funds for Bible Society Australia and Open Doors.

So here is the experience that started me on my journey to recovery:

I had gone on stress leave from my workplace largely due to the ongoing bullying I had been receiving. The bullying started after I was injured there, tore two tendons in my shoulder, and had to have surgery to reattach them. Rather than receiving compassion and empathy, several of my workmates (one in particular) began to bully me almost from the first day and continued to intensify their bullying over the following months. I sought help from a counsellor and a psychologist and followed the advice of the psychologist who said I was over-reacting and that the bullying really wasn't happening and that it was all in my head (because of lack of sleep and considerable pain).

So I tolerated the bullying, telling myself that I was imagining it, but the bullying continued to increase until a day came when I could no longer ignore it. That was the day I realised that I wasn't imagining it, that it was real and that my employer was standing behind the bullies and not me. That was the day I had a break-down and had to go on stress leave.

Over the following weeks, I talked with my good friend Ana and vented and cried, and tried to cope with the awful effects of the anxiety and depression. My doctor prescribed anti-depressants which helped, but until you've experienced depression, you can never really understand how completely it takes over every aspect of your life, and that just getting from one day to the next as all one can do.

I booked a few days holiday, and as Ana and I were driving there, I shared more about the bullying and the particular individual that had started it all. My youngster JD was in the back of the car, giving the clues to a crossword he was completing. One of the clues was "the sound of an ass."

I burst out laughing at the realisation that God was sharing a joke with me. You see, the main bully had been a person whose last name was 'Bray' and I recognised that God was telling me that I was stressing about someone whose nasty words were really just "the sound of an ass!"

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