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August 22 post

Two weeks ago today I drove to and from Durham for my last treatment. Nine days before that I attended my last grandparent’s funeral and then drove to Durham for a treatment. Looking back at the last few weeks and months it all seems a blur.....daily trips to Durham while working (so thankful for a team that worked with me), surgery, moving Parker back to Raleigh, both girls starting back to school, ballgames, and so much more. So thankful and so blessed (ok, and so exhausted), but so glad to be back to life as usual and on the upswing of healing.

If YOU haven’t had ALL your cancer screenings lately, schedule them soon! Like NOW! Do your self exams, trust your gut, be proactive. I found this spot. The mammogram that was ordered after I found it didn’t show it. The ultrasound didn’t show it. An MRI did show it, but after it was found an ultrasound guided biopsy they tried to do couldn’t be done because they couldn’t find it. They suggested I wait 6 months. I insisted on doing more. The MRI guided biopsy found it and it was denied by insurance because it wasn’t medically necessary. That’s a whole different conversation. Point is be proactive. Take care of yourself! Schedule that screening NOW. Early detection saves lives. Live life to the fullest. Be nice always. Set your priorities. #cancersucks

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