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Posted 2018-06-21T00:46:00Z

Resting, healing, and waiting

Thankful that 2 days out from surgery I still haven't had to take anything stronger than Tylenol. I took my bandages off today and was shocked at how big the incisions were, but thankful they are only sore and don't really hurt. I'm just glad to have the cancer GONE. I've had a couple updates on the Duke MyChart today and of course, immediately logged in only to see that it wasn't anything I didn't already know. It was kind of cool reading about exactly how they put the wire in and the nuclear injection. Better reading it AFTER it was done than before. Neither were bad. Honestly, thinking about them was worse than the actual process. 

Waiting is NEVER fun. I go back next week for the pathology report from the lumpectomy, lymph nodes, and hopefully the oncotype results will be back. These will determine what type of treatments I'll have to have. 

Cancer sucks! (yea, I hate that word) The fact that our kiddos now have both parents diagnosed in their 40s makes me want to throw up because I know their chances of having cancer are so much greater. Early detection is soooooo important. I found my cancer with self exam. The mammogram and ultrasound couldn't even see it, but I knew something felt different. DO YOUR SELF EXAMS, make your appointments for your screenings. DON'T PUT IT OFF! If you feel something different, get it checked out. If you have a gut feeling, be persistent. I found this spot last September. I had an ultrasound immediately and mammogram that didn't show it. The MRI in March showed something, but it was recommended that I wait another 6 months for another MRI after it couldn't be detected with an ultrasound. I'm thankful I didn't wait another 6 months. 

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    Glad you're not having intolerable pain, Leah. I'm not familiar with the wire and nuclear injection you mentioned. Have I missed that in your earlier posts? I've had one lumpectomy that was an inflamed lymph node and another lymph node that's calcified. Currently, we're watching a small spot that they think is a cyst and I'm due for another mammography next month so I'm following your experience closely. As always, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Allan Asbell
    Allan Asbell

    Leah, continued prayers for you as you go thru this journey. God Bless!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Julie Reiman
    Julie Reiman

    Love you Leah. So proud of how strong you are. You are an inspiration!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Thelma

    Thank you for sharing. God has you Leah stay strong in your faith. I am praying for you.

    one year ago · Reply