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How’s Our Dad Doing?

Ongoing progress notes for all who love our dad.

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Posted 2018-05-25T14:35:06Z

Thursday 5/25/18 MORNING

Dad had a good night. His cardio team ordered additional imaging overnight. They will meet and develop a surgical plan this morning, so we should have more info soon.

He is resting comfortably, sleeping a lot still.

Nurses and doc’s are the best of the best.

He is at the University of Utah Medical Center, if you want to send flowers etc.

We’ve been listening for what we’ve come to call “Popisms”, here’s yesterday’s wisdom:

NURSE, running through questions to establish coherence:

Do you know what State you are in?

DAD: disrepair.


Thats all for now.

Love to you all, please pray for our dad.

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