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Posted 2014-12-26T07:59:13Z

Remembering mom this Christmas with a poem

Remembering Mom this Christmas made me think of the poem Dave and Sheri Rolf shared at mom's service last month.  Sharing it with all of you tonight hoping that God's love and light with shine through you this Christmas.

Wishing you God's Grace, Love and Peace


Grace—The Chandelier

Grace was

crystals from God’s chandelier


helping restless souls

to see themselves

in a better light


rainbow prisms

reflecting God’s Glory in Grace






Grace was a chandelier

that burned with a hidden Sun


because her life was

time and again aglow



some came

with their dark stairwells…


helped through their sadness

with Grace’s shining light


a shining chandelier

with faceted teardrops splashing love


at Dub’s death

her glow briefly dimmed

in memory of him


she said the clock on the wall

has no meaning

but soon she was back gleaming


focused on God’s Son

now, becoming a ministry of one


doing all that she could do

to help me and you

come to bask in God’s light


now Heaven’s chandelier

beams into our lives


and the river still flows

life here goes on


while Grace is not here

there’s a Light that still shines

casting away all fear


a huge sparkling chandelier

lights the past and future


and Grace, we will ever


that the Light now enshrouds you


and ALL you know

is God’s grace, love and peace. 


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Comments (3)

  • Pearl D Maeda
    Pearl D Maeda

    It was wonderful to hear this poem recited at the service and now how wonderful to read it again this Christmas Day! Thank you for sharing.

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Beverly Paulhamus
    Beverly Paulhamus

    Thank you Laura for reciting this poem shared by Sheri and Dave Rolf. This crystal from that chandelier continues to shine her light of love, compassion and GRACE on not only each of us but also on you, your brother Steve and his family. Your Dad and Mom truly had a wonderful impact on each of our lives.....they will never be forgotten! Praise be to God!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Linda Rush
    Linda Rush

    What a wonderful poem. It is our hope we can reflect the light Fub and Grace so generously shared with us.

    5 years ago · Reply