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Posted 2014-09-06T20:25:00Z

Steve's Week with Mom

Steve was here with mom over the last week while I went to the San Francisco Bay Area for some R & R.  Steve had help from some wonderful friends who made meals and spent time with mom during the week.  Special thanks to Jane and Henry Uyehara -- Jane spent every night with mom.  And of course the aides from Attention Plus were on hand all day to help.  Thanks to everyone who helped care for mom during this week![...]

Posted 2014-08-21T18:16:00Z

Grace is Home!

Mom was released from the hospital yesterday evening.  Her fever was gone, her blood pressure stabilized and she was eating and walking, so the Dr let mom come home. She had a good rest last night and is sitting up this morning hanging out with me in the "craft" room.  Thank you for your prayers.  Mom had a chance to see a few long-time friends while in the hospital and got to meet the new Associate Pastor at Mililani. Mom is much stronger and though it was a short visit to the hospital it really did help get mom back on track to getting stronger.[...]

Posted 2014-08-20T00:42:00Z

Mom in the Hospital

Mom was admitted to Pali Momi Medical Center late yesterday because of concerns with her blood pressure, heart rate, fever and general weakness.  The Drs think she has another infection but cannot locate the source. She is being treated with antibiotics and she is doing much better.  We hope she will get to go home in the next or so.[...]

Posted 2014-08-15T23:54:48Z

Thanks for Uplifting Mom in Prayer

We could feel the prayers from across the country as we went to the Dr. to discuss mom's current condition and next steps in her treatment.  The Dr. concluded that mom is still too weak for chemo treatments so we need to hold off until mom gets stronger. In the meantime we wants to do a couple of tests to "re-stage" her cancer -- basically to understand better the current status of her cancer.   In the meantime he has provided a referral for supportive services at home that can hopefully help mom get stronger.[...]

Posted 2014-08-14T17:53:29Z

Calling all Prayer Warriors -- Please Pray for us Today

We need some extra power of prayer as we see mom's oncologist today to discuss mom's treatment.  Pray for wisdom and understanding as we talk with the doctor about mom's decision.  Pray that God will guide us in any decisions we need to make.  Most of all pray that mom will have the physical strength and mental stamina to accomplish this visit today.   Thank you everyone for your love, concerns and PRAYERS![...]

Posted 2014-08-13T18:47:01Z

Mom is getting AttentionPlus Care!!!

We've recently added a group of professional home health aides to mom's care team.  To date we've relied on the family and friends to help care for mom and provide respite for me. However it is getting harder and harder to sustain mom's necessary level of care without professional help, so in we secured the help aides from AttentionPlus Care.   The young women who come and help us 4 days a week and provide invaluable service in helping with personal care, keeping mom safe, and much more.  I am kicking myself that we didn't hire help sooner.  Oh well they are here now and that is all that matters.   I've really enjoyed getting to know these young women who treat mom like their own family.  [...]

Posted 2014-08-10T07:16:03Z

Remembering Dad

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Dad's passing. Mom and I visited his grave and placed some flowers including his favorite pink ginger and some anthurium from our yard.  For the last nine years mom continued their ministry without dad physically at her side, by baking cookies for missions, making meals for others, and ministering to so many. [...]

Posted 2014-08-05T08:49:19Z

Steak, BBQ ribs, chicken long rice...Yummmm

Mom has been enjoying lots of yummy food this last week.  Her good friend Sandra Yoshioka from Kona stayed with us for a week to cook for mom.  Nourishment is such an important part of mom's healing and we are so grateful to Sandra who has come 4 times during mom's illness to cook for mom; for Mililani Baptist church for providing 3 meals a week for the last several months; and all the food brought to the house and to the hospital.  I think mom is especially grateful because I am not a very good cook!!!![...]