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Grayson had a very good morning out of the quiet room.  I got to be along during PT and got to be there to motivate him do his best during some fairly challenging bear crawl cone-touch maneuvers forwards and backwards completely impressing Becca (his PTist) and showing himself how well his body works, he even worked up a little sweat.  During OT, which followed, he spent the entire time (50 minutes) seated in a busy space attending to puzzles and manipulation exercises checking off his four tasks and just stood up twice needing only verbal cues to return to task.  I thought we were on track for a great day going into lunch.

We brown bagged it with Shelly and made grand plans to share some cheesesteaks tomorrow.  He needed to get up from lunch early so I tagged along and sat and rested for a while until OT #2 began.  I got to participate in their family support by chatting with Grayson’s counselor, Juan so I missed what happened but when I found him he was in the quiet room.  There he stayed as  CR and Juan himself visited him and brought their tools.  He was pretty done by the time they got him into the van but he was so appreciative, thankful and grateful for my consideration for him because I had a snack ready for him, I thought I was going to cry.  Then as they loaded his roommates and Shelly ended up riding in the back, Grayson, seeing the unjustness and unfairness of one of his comrades having to ride along in the back alone, was just going to go back to fix things up and make it right.  I let him know that Shelly was ok with it but he never really warmed up to the idea and when they were unloading he spent quite some time investigating the furniture and fixtures included in professional grade special population movers.  No friend of his should have to ride alone in the back, he is so thoughtful.

After his easy dinner and promise of cheesesteaks for lunch Grayson had a lot of “free” time and his person/aide got him to do a couple word-finds but he had become pretty insistent with me that I should go get the car and help him pack.  Tonight, there would be no re-orienting from me, I couldn’t get through.  He started being quite angry that I wasn’t abetting his escape and simply asked me to leave.  I hope he finds center and gets a good night’s sleep, and me too.

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