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Greetings tribe.  Please accept my apology for being absent from my regular posts.  

There have been days when it was all we could do to make sure we all have our sleep and meals, there have been days when the stated purpose of this blog would be made moot by his progress and there have been days when I longed for the sweet relief I get when I struggle through my feelings and share them with you all.  Suffice it to say that I am back and that updates will resume at a reduced, but regular intervals.[...]


It has been about the baby steps and the smallest of noticeable gains and it continues to be that way.  I would say that Grayson has adjusted to being back at home but that is really more about him not having to continually be confused about where he is and who the strangers in his face all day are.  I don’t think he ever got to where he was very adjusted to life in a hospital.  The trick now is to remind him about parts of his journey to fill in some gaps without stirring up any of the agitation, with our practice and new skills this isn’t something we should be stressed about, but we are.[...]


Each day we see little things and it can be difficult to keep the journey in perspective, but this week he has done some remarkable things.  Some remarks I would make would bring a smile to your face, others, more concern but they are all new and are all small “returns”.  [...]


These days have been good, all told.  Grayson’s familiar surroundings and embedded orientations are keeping him positively themed, on task and calm.  He does get itchy feet from time to time and we are somewhat successful some of the time rotating through the “strategies” and he might even deploy them properly on his own, but that would certainly be more rare.  So we stay vigilant and ready to redirect when we first notice any of the early warning signs of the rising-urgency phenomenon.[...]


Thank you!  I hope the messages to our ‘talk-therapist’ will be well received and that we can get some visits started.  You have all been such a huge help.  So, here is some of the news.[...]