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Greg Miller

March 2016, Greg was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Myeloma. This site is an update on his progress.

Latest journal entry

People who love people.... Are the luckiest people in the world

Greg is sleeping a lot more.  I am not.   Hospice has been... Odd.  You go to this place and wait to die.  Or in my case, wait for someone else to die.  

I hold Greg's hand and think of all the times he switched positions so he would be walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk.  How he would insist I remain in the car so he could come around and open my car door. I look through a box and see familiar cards.  I slowly realize they are every card and letter that I've written to him.  Every.  Singe. Card.   God this is so painful.   No one will ever love me the way Greg has. 

Take him home.  Give him back.  

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