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Greg Miller

March 2016, Greg was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Myeloma. This site is an update on his progress.

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Update, October 12th.

Hi friends:

It's been awhile since I posted as I've had a rough period.  My energy levels are 15-20% of normal and there are some days where I've slept 21 hrs.  So I have a lot of things to update you on, and hopefully, I have the steam to get through it all. Here's a couple of pictures of my mascot drinking bird, that is about the same as when I throw up.  As well, my swollen Left leg in comparison to the right.   

Where to start.....

You're aware I busted my left femur, and spent a week in the hospital over that issue.  I was told it would take a bit for the break to heal.  I was shot with radiation over various areas of my body to try to kill the bad cancer cells and kill the termites munching away at me.  Over the 10 visits for radiation, the left femur that broke was put off so that the good cells could fill in the crack between my two bone sections.  Eventually, the radiologist shot the L femur.  I went back to the orthopedic surgeon that did my leg last week. There is some healing on one side of the bone, but the other side has an 1/8" empty crack still after some 14 weeks of healing time.  I was disappointed to see that, but I understand the radiologist has a tough call between letting my leg heal, and zapping my bone to kill the cancer that is still eating me up.  So now that the good cells are also killed, who knows how long it will be before the bone fills in.  At least I'm able to hobble around with one crutch now, and best of all, I don't feel the "crunch, crunch, crunch" of my bones working that was like chewing on spare rib cartilage. 

I've been fighting a lot of pain in my guts, that made me lose sleep and cry out in pain.  It's been like someone was jamming a stick into me.  The lower left corner of my intestines was always a bad area as food was moved down the line.   I was scheduled for an anal probe a couple of weeks ago to see what was going on.  (As an aside, I came to the conclusion that the greys work in the GI department.  They look like us, the talk like us, they act like us, but they're not us.  It's obvious to me that their mother ship is hiding behind the moon, and they're doing their experiments on us unsuspecting bipeds.  Thankfully, my doctor called off the procedure as they discovered (2) abscesses in my intestines after an ultrasound, and I was saved from who knows what once the greys had me knocked out on the table.) 

I was admitted to the hospital for a week, and given anti-biotics by IV.  They sent me home with oral pills to continue the treatment.  I take them twice a day.  Unfortunately, I can't have any calcium in my system, as it will bind to the drugs and negate the effects.  So that means no cream in my tea, cheese, butter on my potatoes etc.  Another couple of weeks and I'll be done with the treatment.  A big positive though, is for the first time in a long time, I have only minor pain in my guts and I don't dread eating.  So that's a good thing.

While in the hospital, my doctor stopped my blood thinners in anticipation of my anal probe.  While sitting in the hospital, I got a blockage on my R forearm vein.  The vein swelled up like there was some Bic pen jammed in under the skin.  It hurt a lot. was very hard and I was very concerned about this new development.  I have to wonder if it was some cosmic retribution for all the Bic pens I pulled apart in grade school, to shoot spit balls at classmates.  I don't know, but it's gone down and an ultrasound done on Tuesday shows the vein is clear now and the clot has been cleared out. 

I have had another development, in that my left leg has been swelling out.  The inner thigh area has a lump the size and thickness of my hand at least, that is hot to the touch.  When I saw the orthopedic surgeon a week ago, he thought it was congealed blood from my femur operation and told me not to worry about it too much.  I asked for an ultrasound on my leg and after my doctor saw it on Tuesday, he said it is another cancer tumour.  Great.  Today I got a CT scan and I'll meet with my doctor and radiologist tomorrow, but I assume I'll be scheduled for more radiation.  My doctor is quite concerned about how fast cancer keeps spreading in my body, and aggressive my MM is.  I now have three types.  The original that started it all with the hyperactive defective white blood cells, the bone eating termites in my framing that has been carving out caves to live in, and then the soft tissue tumours.   It really seems like I'm dealing with an onslaught, as one thing comes up after another. 

I'd like to say, I've been very encouraged by visits from old friends from the Island.  Mauro came to see me for a week, James and Bonnie came for a couple of days, Larry came for dinner, Blaine came for a visit, Laura came for a week, Doug and Annette are coming in November.  DK is always right there when I get admitted into the hospital for stay-cations.  Many people have called and sent cards, love gifts and even encouragement packages.  Clarissa, my most excellent friend Steve's daughter, sent me a care package with encouraging notes, ginger candies for my stomach, puzzles, playing cards, a tin of tea, a book, a Star Trek mug and other little things.  I was so touched by her taking the time to put it all together.  It is a great thing to see Steve and Lisa's children following in the things of God, and experience Clarissa's compassion and thoughtfulness.  Congratulations Steve and Lisa in your success with your children!  I felt like I was in the European trenches years ago, and received a care package from my younger sister.  It was something and a great moment.  I have no understanding of why she chooses to show care and compassion to me, as I to my mind, am just her dad's friend.  However, how sweet to have. 

Pauline has been outstanding in helping out with all my needs and driving me to hundreds of appointments.  It's her birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Pauline!

Love to all my friends and the people who support me in prayer before our living God. 




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