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Greg Miller

March 2016, Greg was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Myeloma. This site is an update on his progress.

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Posted 2018-05-23T06:42:00Z

The Daily...

I heard a message once about a preacher who was talking with one of his older congregational members.   The older fellow said " you know, the problem with life is that it's just so DAILY"   For some reason that has always stuck with me.  It's the DAILY that allows us to rise with the gathering tide, or sink noiselessly as the waves overtake us.  It's the Daily disciplines .. Or not..  That shape our tomorrows.  The DAILY things we read, think and do... Seemingly insignificant in scope and presence.  Powerful shapers of the future, yet so seemingly benign and insignificant  


My many shortcomings prevent me at times from victory in some area of my life.  Though I resolve to do better tomorrow, tomorrow remains on the horizon  tantalizingly out of reach..

Kids and I struggling to define our new normal.  As I stay up ever later and rise earlier it's difficult to not let rising anxiety engulf my mind and steal my peace. Off to Seattle to visit my sister and spread my mom's ashes.  Will be staying on a boat. 

Some days rush by and I'll teach a particularly satisfying piano lesson that leaves me more energy.  But now I'm falling asleep typing this out.  Zzzzzzzzzzz

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