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Greg Miller

March 2016, Greg was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Myeloma. This site is an update on his progress.

Latest journal entry

Celebration of life....

It has  been a very chaotic 3 weeks. Greg completed his last test and was promoted to Glory Weds Jan 17 as I drove the kids to school. 

We moved the following week to a new place in Evanston.  I had hoped to sort through most of our accumulated "stuff" but basically didn't have enough time to even pack.  Such a rush. 

So many lovely expressions of love from so so many wonderful people over the Christmas season.  Overwhelming.  Buy Nothing Evanston Facebook group arranged hot meals for us in hospice almost every day.  What a blessing.  Visits from Bob and Alvina were heartwarming.

Too much to remember, much too much to forget. 

Buried Greg on Friday 27 Jan.  Movers came Monday.   Too soon. 

Celebration of Life will be held Saturday February 24 at 2 pm at Bow Valley Baptist church in Cochrane 54 W Aarsby Rd  

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