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Greg Miller

March 2016, Greg was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Myeloma. This site is an update on his progress.

Latest journal entry

New drug approved

I saw my doctor today.  He got the news that there is an injection that is approved for me by the drug company, supplied on compassionate grounds, that will start tomorrow.  I'll be getting 2 shots/week over the next two months, that is a value of $18,000.  Thankfully supplied free.  Oddly enough, though it is supplied free by the manufacturer, the hospital has to get approval to divert resources (15 minutes of time?) to set me into a chair and pay a nurse to inject me.  So that's weird, but I expect a non-issue in the end. 

The initial MM I got sloughs off protein markers that show up in blood test, which can then be detected and dealt with as happened.  The new type I learned today, also creates protein markers, but the cancer cells themselves hold onto the protein markers and hides the proteins the cancer generates.  So there's no easy way to follow what is happening.  The doctor is going to at some point send me in for a barium radioactive test, to see where the fluid goes under X-Ray etc.  Then he'll have some reference point for the future. 

I'm making great progress with my left leg.  There's no way to walk on it yet, but it is definitely getting less prone to sudden spasms.  It feels very strange though.  I've gone from eating cartilage on spareribs, to feeling like my joints themselves are eating my cartilage like I eat spareribs.  It feels pretty gross to have whatever crunching going on in my hip or knee as I move about.  I cringe not only from what I feel, but the sounds that make it worse.  I ordered some joint supplement I hope to get in a week that should help.   

I finished the week of radiation treatments last Friday.  I'm feeling tired and my feet are burning like crazy.  So far though, things are definitely bearable given where things are at.  I just need to learn to take it easy more than I seem able to .  Walking around or having my feet on the floor quickly leads to very swollen feet and more pain.