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Posted 2017-07-31T19:27:13Z

Chemo Round 1

Hi Grove's Groupies- my apologies for the delayed post.

The day has arrived- Chemotherapy Round One has officially started this morning. Beth is doing great thus far and has her sister Julie by her side. This is the first of six rounds of chemo, and today will be the longest session. Thanks to so many of you, Beth has an abundance of blankets, fuzzy socks, DVDs, books, snacks and cards to pass the time. As you can tell by the pictures, she is feeling very loved and supported by you all and ready to take this cancer down!

We also had very good news at the end of last week. With Stage 3 breast cancer, Beth's oncologist ordered a PET scan to be sure there weren't any additional areas with cancer that we didn't know about. The results came back as hoped with cancer only in the breast and lymph nodes and the rest of her body clear. What a sigh of relief.

We will keep you all updated as Beth recovers from this first round of chemo.  Your love, thoughts and prayers are always appreciated, and if you'd like Beth's email or address to send a note of encouragement, please reach out to Carrie at [email protected] 

Thanks Grove's Groupies, you are awesome! 

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  • Carrie Cheney
    Carrie Cheney

    Yay!!!! Go God, go!!! Go Beth, go!!! ❤️

    2 years ago · Reply
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