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Nicole Adams Nicole Adams

I had no idea you were going through this. Just saw it today. I will be praying for you and if i can help in anyway please let me know.
I hope you have an amazing birthday . You are such a sweet and wonderful person. God bless

Nicole Adams

Charlotte Fischer Charlotte Fischer

Dearest Beth, I know what you are going through. Let me know if you want to talk. There is an end and now it all seems like a bad dream with a positive ending! Char ❤️

stephanie markey stephanie markey

So good to hear hat you are doing well. Next regiment is due next Monday. Think of you often. Thank you Carrie for the update on your Mom. It makes so much easier to follow your Mom's treatment. More prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way from Texas. Stephanie Markey

Susan Hernandez Susan Hernandez

Beth - I'm so sorry you have to go through this. You are in my prayers daily. You'll be so missed here at school.

Judy Smith Judy Smith

Hi, there, Bethie! It's been years since we actually have talked, but that's what our Mothers are for, right?! Just wanted you to know that your old MV neighbor is pulling for you to have success with your chemo and radiation, with as few side effects as possible. I'm letting my "teacher network" of breast cancer survivors know they are adding one more in need of their prayers and positive mental uplifting to their support group. They have all been through the challenge and know better than anyone how much it helps to have good thoughts from many people. Hugs to you!


Mickie petko Mickie petko

I just found out everything that you've been going through. I'm at a loss as what to say. I know you have a tough fight ahead of you, but I'm also feeling hopeful with all the love and support that you have, and your own personal strength, you are going to overcome this obstacle. Please know I'm here for you and you will be in my thoughts each day .

Michelle Martin Michelle Martin

Dear Beth- You have always been there for me, and I'm here for you. You are an amazing, generous person of integrity. I believe with all my heart that you will beat this diagnosis. You are loved and supported by so many. You will be constant in my prayer. I love you! Michelle

stephanie markey stephanie markey

Hi Bethie,
This is Stephanie Markey, your mom's groupie. All prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way from The Woodlands, Texas. Think happy thoughts, not easy given what you are facing. It will make it easier as you journey on.