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Growing Our Faith (And Family)

Our families journey though prematurity, parenting, infant loss, and adoption. Growing our family through faith in the Lord our God.

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When God closes a door

Jon had an interview in Yolo county on the 28th of September. He felt really good about it and was very hopeful that it would be the beginning of our transition to the Sacramento area. Unfortunately, he was not selected to fill the position. It's a bit frustrating for us to sit in this limbo like state waiting for God to reveal where He wants us. We know His plans are so much bigger than we can even begin to understand. I am so hopeful that no matter where we are called, we will hear and listen, even if it's not Sacramento or if it's not now. We are so ready for where God calls us and excited to let Him use us.

This month marks 6 months since we lost our sweet Noah. It's been so hard living without him and Jacob. I really feel that God has used our two boys to open us up to adoption and the willingness to take on a special needs child if that's what we are blessed with. This month is also Pregnancy, Stillbirth and Infant Loss awareness month. I am so thankful that we were blessed to meet our boys and that we have the promise of heaven to see them again. God has truly blessed us and I know His plans are for us.


But if we look forward to something we don't yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.

Romans 8:25

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