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Hannah’s Journey

On Friday, April 6, Julie began experiencing cramping and bleeding. At the expertise of her OBGYN, Julie rushed over with Sarah (her first daughter) to the hospital. The staff couldn't locate the baby's heartbeat and also noticed how distended and hard Julie's belly had become. The doctors discovered her placenta detached due to some health reasons. In just seconds, they whisked Sarah away and decided to do an emergency c-section to try and save both baby and Julie. They had the baby out within 1 minute. Hannah Ji-Hyun was born at 1:21pm on April 6, weighing 1375 grams (about 3 lbs 0.5 ounces). She is currently in the ISCU at the hospital. Each day brings different challenges for Hannah, but she is doing better each day. The nurses have been taking great care of Hannah. In light of her sudden birth, hospital expenses are adding up daily. Many have asked how they can help and we (Julie's sister and family) created a campaign. Our goal is to help offset some of the hospital expenses from Julie's 2 surgeries and Hannah's extended stay in the ISCU. To receive the maximum amount of your donation, please consider sending money via chase pay or zelle. Please send us a message and we can send you the email address to use. Your prayers, love, and gifts are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.