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Posted 2018-05-10T05:54:19Z

Wednesday, May 9

The ups and downs of the ISCU are exhausting.

This morning, we were told Hannah has (very quickly) caught up on a lot of gains she needs to make and to start getting ready to take her home. We weren't promised a date just yet, but we were told it could be very soon. How. Very. Exciting.

Hannah's been in an open crib since last night (no more isolette) and is allowed to eat as much as she wants right now. A buffet for every meal. One of the goals is to help her gain weight, which will naturally help her thrive. She's still having some trouble regulating her own temperature, so they keep her in a few layers and a hat. The staff keeps saying Hannah tells them when she's ready to move forward. When her temperature remains warm with the layers they're providing her, they'll start to give her less and less. Ideally, they'd like her to wear a onesie and a swaddle blanket and maintain a good temperature.

During our visit tonight, we were told she had 3 desats (decrease in the level of oxygen being delivered to her red blood cells) throughout the day. Hannah used to be on caffeine to help with apnea, but one of the goals is to send her home without it. They stopped her dose on May 2nd, so today was the first day it completely wore out of her system. The desats show her breathing is still immature. In the hours we were there, she continued to desat a few more times. It's never easy watching your baby struggle with breathing. The doctors will determine if Hannah needs to start back on caffeine, have a nasal cannula again, or follow the wait-and-see approach. We're so excited for the day when we can bring Hannah home, but that will be on her timeline, not ours.


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  • Jennifer lara
    Jennifer lara

    You’re doing great Hannah. Keep fighting the good fight. Love and hugs

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Mary Jo Schnabel
    Mary Jo Schnabel

    What a fighter you have on your hands, actually all of you! Hang in there, we're all thinking of you guys!

    2 years ago · Reply
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