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Hannon Kidney Transplant

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Posted 2019-11-06T04:21:50Z

Recovery Update!

One WEEK post-op!! (Danielle here).  Well, it has been a couple of days since we have updated you all... Sorry for the delay, but it is all a new adventure for us! One full day after coming home, Mary noticed on Friday evening that I had a slight fever which is very bad for transplant patients and a possible sign of rejection. I ended up in the ER for about 5 hours, where I was given IV fluids and more anti-nausea medication. I had a quiet next couple of days and went to the hospital on Monday for more labs to be drawn, which showed that I had critically low levels of phosphorus. Eating cheese, nuts and ice cream which are high in phosphorus were previously not allowed before the transplant. Therefore, I am not used to eating those foods which could have contributed to this problem. I was given a prescription for phosphorus which will hopefully help me feel less fatigued. I have more labs scheduled on Thursday and today I got out for the first time with the whole gang to the Botanical Gardens which were stunning!

Hello! This is Kelly now! The last week's healing process has gradually gotten better and better with everyday. My abdominal pain and strength is now much easier to move around with. The main incision from the surgery cut down the middle of my abdominal muscles, so the first couple days after getting out of the hospital were a little rough. Movements such as getting out of bed, laying back down and any bending required assistance. My boyfriend and caregiver, Jerry, had unwavering patience while assisting me and was beyond helpful. Now I'm able to move, laugh and even sneeze with only minor pain. I've taken the baby steps in walking, by first going to the mailbox, then around the block and then to the beautiful Botanical Gardens today with the family!

Thanks so much for everyone's support and love!



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