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Hannon Kidney Transplant

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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2019-12-09T02:55:16Z

Home and So Thankful!

    We are both back home and continually healing. Kelly left Salt Lake City along with Mary on the 15th of November. Tim and I followed on the 18th after we got the OK from the transplant team. We both have to be careful not to overdo by lifting anything over 10 lbs. for 2 months. I have had lab draws two times per week at Teton Valley Hospital so the U of U  can follow my absorption of various immunosuppressants as well as other levels like kidney function. Because of all these kidney preserving drugs I will not be out in public for another 2 months. My daughter Kelly has sacrificed so much by giving me the most precious gift of life ever and I plan on keeping it healthy and happy. Kelly and I went to Salt Lake City last week for a 1 month plus post transplant clinic visit. I have been battling horrible heartburn due to the meds and finally got relief in the form of a medication and also a lowering of a steroid called prednisone. I can finally sleep at night and have more energy. After three months I still need surgery for a double nephrectomy, removal of both kidneys. I look forward to have these two diseased football sized organs removed. Sorry to be so graphic but I foresee feeling all that much better. This will be the last posting for awhile but you are welcome to contact me personally or message me on facebook. Our family is so incredibly thankful to live in a community like ours as well as having such amazing family and friends everywhere. Thank you for all your love and support, it is so appreciated.

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