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Harper's arrival and journey into life

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June 17 - Meeting family for the first time and saying goodbye for the last time

Life has been interesting for us lately. Normally I have some excuse as to why it’s taken so long for an update, usually something about being really busy, and today isn’t going to be any different! The Hall house has gone through a metamorphosis in the last month. We finally closed on the house! It wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped, but it’s done. That last week of trying to get the house cleared out is one of the most stressed I think I’ve ever been. I knew moving was no fun, but between all 7 of us we accumulated so much stuff that I thought it was never going to end. It was the 11th hour before it was finally done, and we owe a lot to all those who helped get it done. We are in our rental now and while it’s small, really small for all of us, it’s working out pretty well. Being in town is unreal. We get up late, rush around like normal, yet still get to work on time! We’ve cut about 20 minutes out of the morning routine by not having to drive so far every day. On top of that, all the kids are going to the same place instead of 3 different drops and it’s wonderful. We even have time in the afternoons to play for a bit instead of falling asleep on the drive home and dealing with grumpy kids when we unload. We hope to start on the new place in the coming week or so and have fingers crossed it will be a smooth process. One can always hope at least…

We did get to meet someone new the other day, the boys half brother! The adoptive family came and brought him to the house to meet the boys and it was pretty cool to see him. He favors Jeremiah a lot at 1 year old.They weren’t completely sure what to think about him other than he’s their brother but lives with another family. Kinda hard to explain that whole situation to a 4 and 5 year old. As time goes on hopefully they will get to see each other more. The parents seemed pretty nice and had it together so it seems like he’s in a good home. Sadly, there may be more brothers or sisters in the future out there. If so, hopefully they all end up in good homes. It’s sad to see them scattered, but it’s all for the best.

We also had a hard loss this week. Chase has been having more health problems as time has gone on, too many to list, but the seizures from a brain tumor were becoming more and more of a problem. We took a ride to the vet Friday morning to talk things over and decided it was his time. We scheduled a time for Monday and took him home to spend the weekend with us and the kids. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quite that way. Friday night he started having seizures again, pretty long ones. Saturday morning he had another one in front of the kids so we scurried them off for about 10 minutes until he came out of it. It’s pretty hard to watch and is pretty loud, so freaking them out wasn’t going to help anything. We decided it was time, Monday couldn’t wait. We loaded up and took our last ride with the old man. 15 years is a long time for a big dog. He and Jami moved to Dalton not knowing a soul. They had each other and that was it. He saw a lot change in the Hall family over these past several years. Great with all the kids and babies. Made us laugh with his hound dog like howling on command. Let us know when anything larger than a wasp was anywhere near the house. It was really hard to sit in the floor with him for the last time while he drifted off to sleep. We went home and loaded everyone up to make our trip to Cloudland Canyon like we had already planned. It was a good trip. We needed to get out. The boys asked about sick Chase, and with every dog we passed on the trail Jason would say he wished Chase felt better so he could come out here with us. I don’t know how to explain how our old house is no longer our house anymore, or why he has a brother that doesn’t live with us, or why Chase isn’t coming back home again. These boys have been through a lot lately. They’ve been on their own version of a roller coaster just like us. The one person who hasn’t really been on the crazy express is Harper. She’s done better than all of us with this move and transition. She’s been healthy, and other than having a GJ tube replaced, hasn’t needed to see a doctor in a while. She has her own little room in the dining room at the rental and it’s working out pretty good. She goes for walks with the nurses across the street at the park. Having a park with a walking track right across the road, literally the other side of the street out of our front door, has been nice. Hopefully she will continue to thrive during all the chaos that will be our coming year.

For prayer requests we really just ask that you pray for the family as a whole during this transition time. They say building a house can be one of the most stressful events in life, and that’s not what we need. But we do need a house, a very specific house, so we have to go through this process. Pray we can keep the wheels on the cart.

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