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Posted 2016-01-21T00:28:33Z

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First things first: the diagnosis. As of 1/20/16: 51 year old (but feels younger!) man with T3a Gleason 5+5 Adenocarcinoma of prostate (PSA positive on IHC), PSA 25, found to have metastatic prostate cancer to nodes and 5 lesions on bone scan (rib, vertebral body, femurs, SI joint), no visceral mets. Chemo-hormonal therapy initiated.

Galen is getting state of the art treatment. Here's an overview of what that means:

And, my summary. The first step is androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) with the drugs Casodex and Lupron. This slows the spread of the cancer, reduces testosterone levels, and gives the patient some relief from disease symptoms. Galen started ADT in mid-January. The second (and then concurrent) step is chemotherapy with taxotere. This is a 3-month regime that will start in mid-February. Another treatment - I'm not clear when this will start - is radium-223, which targets the cancer where it hides in the bones.

We'd all like to see the cancer stopped in its tracks there, but after some time (anywhere between months and many years), the cancer will creep back. At that point, there are many possible treatments, most involving chemotherapy.

Here's the approximate timeline: 1/15/16, begin ADT. 2/15/16, begin chemotherapy. 5/15/16, end chemotherapy. 


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