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Posted 2017-11-27T03:29:00Z


Dear Friends and Family, 

It has been a month since we updated everyone via  First, we want to thank you for the continued support for our family. As time has passed, Mom has improved in many ways by getting some of her strength back and functioning "somewhat" on a daily basis, but her short term memory and confusion is our biggest concern!  

Mom is recovering from a fall, seizures (due to the fall), temporary renal failure (nephrotoxicity), and ICU delirium and no other diagnosis.  When you add all of these together without mentioning everything, she Is lucky to be alive.  The good news is that she has made great strides in the last month, however, she must be watched 24 X 7; she cannot be left alone for one second. In fact, if you talk to her on the phone she sounds completely normal; It's like - WOW, Marie is doing great!  The sad news is that she's not doing great. Within 5 minutes she can't remember one thing "you said" or "she said" during that conversation. She really wants to do and go just like "Marie has in the past", but she can't.  She is still walking with the assistance of a walker and will until her cognitive skills are stronger. She also continues to need A LOT of speech and physical therapy.  We are providing her with as many tools & resources she needs to get better, but we are limited due to insurance. 

It is truly heart breaking to watch as we know Mom wants to have freedom and independence to move forward, but she just can't do it like she wants.  It's also heartbreaking for our family to watch her state of confusion, especially at times not knowing the names of her grandchildren or which one of us they belong.  This journey is really testing her patience, so please don't stop the calls or visits of encouragement.  We will continue to move forward slowly with a positive attitude and the power of's going to take one tiny step at a time.  

Please keep your prayers with us!!!!!!!  

With great thankfulness,

Hope, Martha, & Tony  

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Comments (2)

  • Marshall Eakes
    Marshall Eakes

    Though a great update...more prayers for even better!!!

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Steve Felton
    Steve Felton

    To All, Thanks for the update on Marie. This is the hardest part of dealing with something like this is that you have to sit and watch and can do but only so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you but you may want to consider having someone come in and present to Marie, this is her friend. Tony is going to need some time to get out and breathe as well. Just thoughts from someone that deals with this on an ongoing basis with clients. Stay strong and know you are all loved. Steve Felton

    2 years ago · Reply