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Heart for Hiley

See updates about Hiley's journey regarding her needed heart transplant.

Latest journal entry

Posted 2015-07-15T13:07:48Z

It was really nice to sleep in our own beds last night!

We got home yesterday evening , it was so nice to be back home! Hiley is doing great! However we have to establish a "new" normal in order to keep her that way. The gazillion medications need exact doses at exact times, need to throw away most all of the typical snacks in our cabinets and get alternatives today, have to do her vitals every day, change bandages, clean all her wounds twice a day, go through a checklist each morning to check for rejection,, make sure we have band sanitzers everywhere, face masks that she has to wear it we go out somewhere, etc. Most everything I listed is temporary and over the next few months to a year they will slowly dwindle away and we won't have to do so much. But despite all of that, Hiley is begging to get out a little because she feels so great!! She has really just did amazing. And we are so happy and relieved!!

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