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Alice’s Heart Testimony

To update family and friends as our Mom receives a heart transplant.

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Posted 2019-09-07T05:17:49Z

She’s home and we are in need

I’m just throwing this out there...some items we are in need of if you have any extras laying around.

Expandable curtain rods
Tupperware or glad wear
A small dorm size refrigerator
Wet wipes for washing your body
A bath towel set (fallish colors)
A bell
A tub transfer shower seat with back bar on left side
Loose fitting long sleeve T shirts
Hand sanitizer
Curtains- 2 fall colors. 2 to match a light pink or burgundy
Hands to do some extra cleaning. (Tuesday-Thursday 12PM to 4PM
An empty plastic coffee can
Tile for in front of shower
Essential oil room spray
Audio books
White twin size sheets
4 pillows
Head phones or ear buds for an i phone 6
Book suggestions with no profanity 🤣
A city of GR trash bin
Picture hangers/nails for walls
Hooks for walls
Any bedazzled or fancy hats with no brim in back.
Hoodies (women’s medium)
White board
Help painting a divider for bathroom
Socks with grips
Anything you feel like would help.

Items can be dropped off at 516 Norwood SE 49506 on porch if no one is home. Anything we can’t use we will donate to good will

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