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Alice’s Heart Testimony

To update family and friends as our Mom receives a heart transplant.

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Sunday Update

I was able to attend church this morning with my wonderful Grandparents. We were reminded that God is almighty over all things and wants to be known. That we often look towards other things and other people when we feel like something is missing but indeed He is right there under our nose always with us and is our true guide.

Prior to church I visited with mom and she again is back on track toward recovery and rehab slowly. She is still in pain from her last operation and bleeding from the incision. She has required more blood. However there is no sign of rejection or infection and things are healing.

She was able to speak briefly while weened from the vent and her main concern was communicating her needs. We made a list of all of her daily requests and pray that the care team honors them in order to keep her comfortable and calm. We will know more this afternoon as far as an official update.

Grandpa also reminded me that there are thorns but God is faithful. Grandma testified that her breaking of her leg answered her prayers to be closer to Him. 

We are so grateful for all of you and all of the support and prayers. We remain positive just as our dear mom taught us to.

Much love to all.

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