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Posted 2020-06-09T15:59:26Z


Greetings everyone, Lisa here!  I wanted to give you some updates on Tracy.  In a nutshell, SHE'S DOING GREAT!  Her surgery took much less time than anticipated.  Over the last week, she's had multiple tubes progressively removed, she's been walking (more like running) laps around the nurses' station, and just last night she was moved from ICU!  She was able to listen to her new heartbeat yesterday - that was a very moving experience.  So many emotions! [...]

Posted 2020-06-01T01:21:51Z


Hello everyone, Lisa here!  We have such good news to report:  Tracy has a new BEATING HEART!  The surgery began at 12:00 and it appears to have been a success so far.  The new heart was placed and is now beating.  Tracy is off the heart-lung machine.  Next is to finish up and make sure the brain is functioning okay and there is no bleeding over the next couple of hours.[...]

Posted 2020-05-31T16:24:33Z


Hello to all on Tracy's blog!  My name is Lisa, I am a friend of Tracy's and she has asked me to update her blog to give you the latest:  Tracy got "THE CALL" at 3:20 am on Saturday, May 30 from Cedars Sinai Hospital: they have a heart match!  Here are Tracy's words:[...]

Posted 2020-05-22T00:01:49Z

Every Little Bit Counts

Last week I got the results of my antibody blood work. While the change wasn't huge, it was a decrease of the most critical antibodies in regards to transplant. The numbers dropped from 72% to 67%. Again, not huge, but as my husband explained it's an additional 20 hearts possibly a match for me (out of 100) than before. I can't complain about that. [...]

Posted 2020-03-27T16:54:23Z

Quarantine is Life ....

Hey friends!

I have been contemplating updating my blog for weeks now. First, I wanted to wait for results on my latest blood work for my antibody treatments. Then, a few weeks later when I got the results, I was sidetracked by a last minute decision by my doctors to quarantine me for symptoms that mimicked the new Covid-19. And lastly, when I came home a week later from the hospital (luckily only 2 days in quarantine room) I was still exhausted and had no idea where to begin.[...]

Posted 2019-11-27T02:22:00Z

Having no control is frustrating


I had every intention of posting today with an update. It was going to be simple and everything was just moving on day to day here. Then I got a phone call that turned everything in my head upside down. Dang! I really hate those calls. So here is another one of my long posts. Sorry.[...]

Posted 2019-10-25T03:34:27Z

Thanks for praying!

If you read my last post you know I asked for prayer that I could have my infusions done here locally instead of in LA at Cedars Sanai.
Well, I have great news! Everything is approved and set up for me to have my infusions in Portland. I am so happy and relieved. Going south to spend time in the sun sounds great but not traveling just for a 1 hour infusion.[...]