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Communication regarding Heather's fight against invasive ductal carcinoma that is estrogen + progesterone +and HER2 -

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Posted 2020-03-26T18:13:41Z

Dr. Appt and ultrasound update

Not a great appointment today. The doctor got the results of the ultrasound  the thyroid  lesion looks suspicious confirming the Pet Scan detection of a hot spot. Now I will have a biopsy of the thyroid and if that comes back positive for cancer I will have to have the thyroid removed before I can start chemotherapy. If the thyroid comes back positive for cancer he is recommending a double mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy because I will then have 2 separate cancers in my body which he thinks is due to the chek2 gene mutation. He told me today the chek2 gene mutation makes it 25% to 40% likelier to get breast cancer colon, cancer and other various organ cancers. 

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