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Ioana Andrada Ioana Andrada

Hello Everyone,

My name is Oana, I would like to tell you about my friend Andrada,

Andrada lives in Bacau,Romania, Andrada is 13 years old, and like young Persons of 13 years has dreams, … her dream was to be a Ladies Footballer.

In February of this year Andrada had an accident for which she was hospitalized at Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest. While carrying out an examination doctors discovered that Andrada had contracted a rare form of cancer. Immediately she started Chemotherapy treatment.
Along with Andrada’s Chemotherapy sessions doctors has decided that the only chance of survival is a Spinal Operation. As Romania doesn’t have the facillitys, this can be achieved in Italy at the Rizzoli Institute of Pathology in Bologna.

The costs of surgery is €80,000.

If you can donate even the smallest amont I would be eternally gratefull as will Andrada.

We Can’t help everyone, but everyone can help Someone.

Thank you