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About This Site

Help Kick Cancer In The Pants

I am creating this site on behalf on my best friend Rebecca "Becky" Johnson who is battling the "c" word. No one expects to be in the fight of your life in your 40s and especially not to be told you have one the rarest forms of cancer. Say What?!? With that being said, I'm sure we may all know of someone who has battled some form of cancer, but when it hits home, you can either fight it or let it fight you. Becky has chosen to fight it! Go Becky Go! But, we need your help. Cancer treatments aren't cheap, nor is travelling back and forth (out of state) to get the treatments. While we were successful at raising some funds for Becky to get started on the treatments, the fight still continues. We NEED YOU! Please help us to continue to help Becky fight cancer by donating to a well worthy cause.